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Punjab University of Technology Rasul Admission Fall 2022

Punjab University of Technology Rasul Admission Fall 2022

Punjab University of Technology Rasul is a historical institution with a legacy of offering high-quality technical education for the lost more than 100 years With the latest up-gradation of the old institution to a University through an Act passed by the Punjab Assembly we aim for new heights in academic excellence. Being one of the torch-bearers of a new breed of universities in Pakistan, togged as the Technology Universities, we are shifting the focus of higher education in the country from mere theoretical training in various subjects to a hands-on, practice-oriented training and professional development that can lead our graduates to better and brighter prospects in the industrial and entrepreneurial world.
Through this announcement, we are inviting applications for admission into Bachelor’s Degree Programs in the following disciplines and the young boys & girls joining, in this very first admissions season, the Punjab University of Technology Rasul win be making history as the very first botch of the University after Upgradation.
The welcome all the interested candidates and assure you a life-long, memorable experience of learning and developing into matures professionals ready to take-on the world.

Punjab University of Technology Rasul Admission 2021

Degree Programs

BS in Civil Engineering Technology

BS in Electrical Engineering Technology

BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology

BS in Software Engineering Technology

BS in Technology Management

How to submit application?

Download Application form from the University website www.outrasul also download the document. General Guidelines for Admission at PUT Point. Print the form and fill-in all the required information in dear legible writing please do read the Guidelines

Attach copies of all the necessary documents Deposit the Application Processing and Entry Test fees at the nearest branch of the National Bank of Pakistan in the designated account ailment oned in the Guidelines)

Attach the deposit slip and submit your completed Admission

Application try pest, couner or in-person.

How the merit will be calculated?

Detailed method for merit calculation is given in the Genaro)
Guidelines for Admission at PUT Rosul.

Where to post/deliver the completed application?

Undergraduate Admissions Office Punjab University of Technology Rasul 13-km Mandi-Sarai Alamgir Road, District Mandi Bahauddin, Punjab,Pakstan

Last date for submission of application: 22-102022 Date of Entry Test: 24-10-2022. last Date for Payment of Dues: 03-11-2022 Stan of Classes: 15-11-2022.