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Punjab & Sindh baldiyati election Results 2015

Punjab & Sindh baldiyati election Results 2015

Election Commission of Pakistan has announced the results of Punjab And Sindh Baldiyati election 1st Phase which is held on Saturday 31st October 2015.

Municipal elections, the Punjab Muslim League won with 784 seats in Punjab and in Sindh PPP Lead with 564 Seats.The details are given below:

baldiyati election 2015 Results

baldiyati election Punjab and sindh

Punjab & Sindh Local Government election Results 2015

Punjab baldiyati election unofficial result update 2015.

baldiyati election 2015 result announced

Baldiyati election 2015 in Punjab results:

Punjab Baldiyati election 2015

Baldiyati election 2015 sindh Results:

PML-N in Punjab, the independent second, third, PTI said. Punjab 2696 from the 1671 winning candidates came, according to N 784 seats won, while other candidates, at 613, PTI-164, PP 28, Q 26 and the JI and the public Dodo seats movement. 777 seats in the 1070 provincial results and the People’s Party won 564 seats. Independent candidates won 130 seats. PML-N, PTI, MQM, JI can not get a seat. JUI-F 11, PML 50 seats.

PML-N candidates won over 17. 26 independent candidates won a seat in the party, independent candidates won 42 seats. 9 PPP, PTI 8 seats. Gujarat Muslim League-N party 13 33 46 independents, PTI that the 13 other candidates won 15 seats. PML-N candidates in Chakwal were 8, 9 independent candidates won seats Q 2 of 7 movement. Q 7 2 seats PTI. Sale PML-N has 29 seats, 45 candidates were successful. Faisalabad PML-N has 73 seats. Independent candidates won 102 seats. PTI has 21 candidates. PML-N has 14 seats in Bahawalnagar. Independent candidates won 62 seats while.

Punjab and Sindh 1st Phase local election 2015 results:
In the first phase of local elections in Sindh and Punjab provinces of both ruling parties, the PML-N and PPP has won.

Result of 20 Districts of Punjab And Sindh of Local Governemnt:
In 20 districts of the provincial elections after voting for the final unofficial results continued to come, but the ruling parties of the two provinces during the PML-N and PPP is at the forefront.

Details of 1st Phase BL 2015 Results in Pakistan:
The first phase of local elections in 12 districts of the Punjab provincial capital Lahore, Lodhran PML (N) has the lion ruin everyone got quiet. Punjab 2 thousand 696 seats to 2 thousand 326 seats unofficial results yielded under which the PML (N) a thousand 49 seats krkysb beyond when the second independent candidates who have 912 seats possess is . 251 PTI, PML-Q and PPP 42 seats, 44 were successful. The party and the Pakistan movement was 2,2 seats.

Lahore baldiyati election results details:
357 of the 274 seats in Lahore, chairman of the unofficial According to unofficial results, PML (N) is ahead with 220 seats. PTI 11 candidates and select a candidate of the PP won the 24 independent candidates.

Faisalabad Baldiyati election results 2015:
468 of the 278 seats in Faisalabad cutting public salaries and official results have emerged from the 148 candidates succeeded in the PML-N and PTI-100 are of their 29 seats, independent candidates who won the majority of the PML-N’s own party candidates who did not get tickets were finalists. Abid Sher Ali Khan’s brother and mayor candidate Rana Sanaullah Ship candidate’s supporters were defeated by Rahmani lover.

Faisalabad Baldiyati election results 2015:
Gujarat Muslim League (N) ahead with 50 seats, 35 seats, with the other candidates are the meek, PTI 16 and the PML (Q) 13 tsstyn could get. 158 of 146 seats in Nankana Sahib cutting public salaries according to official results, the PML (N) is at the forefront of the 67 seats, independents 58, the movement has won 19 seats. Innocent Muslim League (N) won 52 seats. 23 seats, independent candidates, 13 and 2 PTI Muslim League (Q) won.

Okara Baldiyati election results 2015:
Okara Muslim League (N) 61, independents 46, PPP and PTI won 9.9. Candidate in Bahawalnagar away with 105 seats and the PML-N 34, PML-Zia, 19 and 9 tsstun movement was successful. Port 44 seats in the PML-N candidates have won 11 of the PTI, Pakistan Awami Tehreek 1 and 38 independent candidates have won.

Vehari Baldiyati election results 2015:
Tsstun the list with 46 candidates in Vehari whereas N is second with 32 seats. PTI and PPP 13 seats 3. Choose Opera Muslim League (N) with 31 seats, has emerged as the largest political party, the 31 independent candidates have done well, the 10 movement is a success.

Sindh unofficial Baldiyati election results 2015:
70 thousand 829 seats of Sindh unofficial results have been received. Under which the party has gained a majority by winning 596 seats. PML 61 seats, while 147 candidates of their success. JUI (F) 11, MQM and PTI 4,4 The PML (N) section helps only 2 seats.

Karachi Baldiyati election results 2015:
Sindh’s biggest city, Karachi PPP 63 seats is at the forefront, 13 seats, independent candidates other bmbr is on the National 4 and the Muslim League (Functional) 2 candidates are.

Khairpur Baldiyati election results 2015:
Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah’s hometown of Khairpur 291 of 140 seats in the official results have been cutting public salaries 85 under which the PPP, PML (Functional) candidate won 45 and 9. PPP’s stronghold Larkana 74 seats in the 113 official results have been cutting public salaries, which yplzparty independent candidates won 63 and 8 seats.
Five of the 47 seats in the 117 official results are cutting public salaries, which is heavy plra independent candidates, who won 21 seats, while the PPP and PML-16 has won 6 seats. Four of the 122 seats in the 120 kygyrsrkary results under the PPP 86, independents 26 Muslim League (Functional) won 4 seats.

Jacobabad Baldiyati election results 2015:
Jacobabad Municipal Committee 26 to 31 seats and the People’s Party 4 seats, independents won a seat in the PML-N and the PTI could not find a seat. Besides Bell and Qambar Shahdadkot the party is at the forefront.