Wednesday , February 1 2023

Punjab Provincial Cooperative Bank Limited agri Loan Scheme

The Punjab Provincial Cooperative Bank Ltd. was established in 1924 as an Apex Bank to meet funding requirements of cooperative societies. It is engaged in all types of banking & credit business with societies and individuals. The PPCBL gained the status of Scheduled Bank in 1955. PPCBL was organized and being managed on the principal of voluntary and open membership, democratic member control, member economic participation, autonomy, independence, self-help and mutual cooperation.

Punjab Provincial Cooperative Bank Limited agri Loan Scheme

Punjab Provincial Cooperative Bank Limited has introduced agri Loan Scheme for Farmers in Pakistan.

loan scheme in Punjab cooperative bank

Finance under this scheme is available to individual / sole proprietors / partnership concerns doing

Business in town committee area and borrower must be local resident.

Nature of Business may be Aartis / agri. Wholesalers, pesticide / fertilizer dealer, agri. input
dealer and other businesses like departmental stores, grocery stores, electric stores etc.

Maximum Loan amount is Rs. 3.0 million

Period of finance is 1 year and have option to rollover at expiry

Rate of Markup is 18% p.a. with quarterly payments.

Collateral may be Urban / agri. land having double of loan amount.

Minimum business tenure 5 years.