Wednesday , November 30 2022

Punjab Green Pakistan Program 2022

Lahore: Government of Punjab start Green Program 2020 in which Three major projects are announced in Punjab. Under the Green Pakistan Program, the Department of Wildlife Conservation is going to launch three major projects in Punjab including the Nimal Lake development and development of Wildlife Reserve at Headbulki and Black Deer Breeding in the Cholistan.

Punjab Green Pakistan Program 2022 Projects details

Under the Green Pakistan program, millions of new trees have been planted in Punjab’s largest province, where various projects are being launched for wildlife protection, conservation and development, and wildlife tourism. Among them will be laid the foundation stone of the plan to make the Lake Namal in Mianwali the best place for health and wildlife.

There are four natural lakes where millions of migrants visit Siberia each year. As part of the plan, measures for the cleanliness of these lakes and reservations for wildlife protection will be made for tourists.

Punjab Green Pakistan Program

The Wildlife Game Reserve is set up in place of the Headquarters. There is a large number of tourists here, but now Punjab Wildlife will make resorts here on 732 acres of land. Kalaharan was sent from Pakistan to other countries where he is breeding.

Black deer

Center for black deer breeding in the Cholistan will be made where DNA certified bread will be crossed with local bread. And again, the Black deer will be released into the forest. Three big projects would be started in Punjab, which would create the province’s largest and most innovative breeding farm in the forest of Chechnya.

Breeding of domestic and exotic animals, birds and birds in all zoos and wildlife parks of the province will be done locally and we will not have to ask for rare species and birds from overseas.

Computerized chips will be installed for rare species of animals and birds in 14 wildlife parks in Punjab. With the help of these chips, these animals and birds will be easy to understand, will have accurate and scientific knowledge of the diseases and health conditions they have, which will make it easier for them to take steps to improve the growth of these animals and birds.

Regarding the construction of a modern city north of Lahore, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar approved the establishment of River Ravi Front Authority for which an ordinance would be issued. This authority will work to build a new city.

The new city will be built in the style of Dubai and will be built on an area of ​​more than one lakh acres. Priority will be given to the construction of high-rise buildings.

A large lake and 3 barrages will also be built in the new city. The new city will not only overcome Lahore’s environmental, water and traffic problems, but is also expected to receive an investment of Rs 5,000 billion from the private sector.