Saturday , November 26 2022

Punjab Government starts price information system 2022

Punjab Government starts SMS price information system 2022 

Lahore: Punjab Government starts the price information system 2022 to get the latest information about Prices of Milks, Vegetables and Fruits Prices. People from all the districts of Punjab will be able to know the price of grocery items in their district with the help of this service.

This initiative has been taken to ensure the selling of grocery items according to the rate lists set by the government of Punjab. The public can use this service by sending a text on a number from their mobile phone.

You can get this with the help of Sms. You can send you a message as the producer is given below:

To know the price of a specific item, type price, give a space, type your district, give a space, type name of that specific item and send SMS to 80024 (e.g. price Lahore chicken) A SMS with the price of that item will be received in seconds.

If anyone finds a difference in price, he/she can register their complaints at toll-free number 0820002346 of government of the Punjab.