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Punjab Education Department(PED) SOPs and schedule Notification

Punjab Education Department(PED)issue SOPs and schedule Notification for Private Schools in Punjab. Timeline & mechanism, for fees collection and payment of salaries, for Private Schools in Punjab. DRAs have been directed to ensure strict compliance of the SOPs and schedule given in the notification.

In the first phase, matriculation, inter and university students will turn to educational institutions. Later, primary classes will also be opened. In the second phase, secondary and primary students will go to school with SOPs. Under the second phase, educational activities of children from sixth to eighth grade have been restored in the country.

Under SOPs, students will be required to keep a distance between chairs in classrooms, wear masks, and use hand sanitizers. Disinfectant sprays are also being carried out in private schools and universities while teaching and non-teaching staff are being trained to implement SOPs.

Punjab Education Department(PED) SOPs

All Public & Private Schools of Punjab to open September 15th, 2020. This is a tentative date depending on COVID 19 situation in Punjab. SOPs for opening Schools are in place which will be conveyed to everyone.A letter issued by the Punjab Education Department said that a timetable has been issued for the reopening of the school keeping in view the prevention of corona, under which the odd and even roll numbers of a group of students of all public and private schools have been issued. Two groups will be formed accordingly, the first group will come to school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday while the second group will come on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Schools will be open from 7.30 am and will be closed at one o’clock, while there will be no assembly and no break in schools.

The government has decided to introduce Insaf Academies where the best teachers will give lectures in five subjects to students from class IX to XII. You will also be able to see your children’s performance

In the first phase, the 9th and 10th classes will start in schools from Tuesday, September 15. Similarly, teaching and examinations in colleges and universities will start from Tuesday, however, classes from sixth to eighth will start next week, September 22, while primary and pre-primary classes will start from the end of September.

Under which 2 groups of children of each class have been formed, each group will have classes 3 days a week while the school will have no assembly and no breaks. In addition, due to lack of time for the academic year 21-2020 in Punjab, the syllabus has been reduced by 40%.

New SOPs have been prepared for opening private and government educational institutions across Punjab. The Ministry of Education has developed new tough and foolproof Corona rescue SOPs for opening private and public educational institutions across the province. Educational institutions for classes IX to XII will be opened across the country, including Punjab, from September 15. Classes for grades six through eight will begin on September 23, while classes for children in grades one through five will begin on September 30.

Under the SOP, no assembly will be held in any school when the school is open, no entertainment will be given to the students, the disinfectant spray will be required in the morning in every classroom teachers staff room and washrooms, three on one desk. Instead of two students will be able to sit, students and teachers will not be able to give each other pens, pencils, paper, rubber, food. Shaking hands of students and teachers will be prohibited.

Only 3 subjects Mathematics, English, Science will be taught in the class. Only homework for other subjects will be given. 20 children will be able to sit in one class. In the case of more students, two shifts will be done in the morning and evening.

Punjab Education Department(PED) SOPs and schedule Notification

Punjab Education Department(PED) SOPs and schedule Notification

The Ministry of Education has decided to reopen government schools, colleges, and universities from September 15 after a 190-day shutdown. Strict orders have been issued to clean the roofs, remove water leaks, plant trees, enter school entrances, install Corona SOPs in the corridors, and put up dinghy safety banners.

Instructions have also been issued to spray corona and dengue prevention in all government schools, to fix fans in all classrooms, to fix hanging electrical wires, to clean washrooms thoroughly, to arrange water, loot, soap, and towels in them. This expenditure is allowed by the non-salary budget. It has also been ordered to complete the clean-up of schools by September 10.

The date of opening of schools in Punjab on September 15 is temporary and it depends on the situation in Corona while SOPs will be followed to prevent corona from opening schools.

Punjab education summer vacation extended 15 July notification 2020

Punjab Education Department Notification

Punjab Education Department SOP Notification

Notification issued by Federal Govt. Only for Islamabad Capital territory.

Notification issued by Federal Govt
If a private school has not yet reduced the fee as per the directions of the Punjab Government, you can file your complaint at the following number from 09:00 am to 04:00 pm. Masks for children and social distance in the classroom are mandatory. No more than 30 children are allowed to sit in one class depending on the capacity. In overcrowded classes, children are divided into two groups and invited on alternate days. Teachers will teach children about corona prevention in class on a daily basis. Children are prohibited from shaking hands in schools and are instructed to wash their hands frequently.