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Punjab Edcuation Fondation(PEF) NSP Phase IX 28th July 2017

PUnjab Edcuation Fondation(PEF)New School Program(NSP) Phase IX

New School Program was launched as a pilot project in 2008 to engage private sector entrepreneurs in order to set up new schools in remote, distant and under-served areas of the province. NSP targets to establish schools in areas where there is access gap as government or private schools are unavailable or very few in number. Currently, NSP has 2126 schools in 36 districts of the province.

Advertisemnt of NEW School Program(NSP) :

Advertisemnt of PEF New School Program (NSP) is given here.

School Selection Criteria:

Applicant must:

Possess qualification of minimum intermediate level
Be resident of same Tehsil
Apply from a site having minimum 350 population and no Govt. /PEF school within 1 KM.

PEF New School Program (NSP) Phase IX Application Forms:

You can get PEF New School Program (NSP) Phase IX Application Forms from official website of PEF

Financial assistance for minimum 50 students as per rates approved by the BODs of PEF is provided to the partner for initial six months after signing of agreement with PEF under NSP. After verification through monitoring, payment is made as per actual enrolment keeping in view the infrastructure and other facilities in partner schools. The partner is required to submit monthly enrolment update report to the department so that timely release of payment as per verified enrolment is ensured. Level wise per student financial assistance in NSP

Last date to apply: 15-08-2017