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Punjab Budget 2016-17

Punjab Budget Fiscal year 2016-17

Punjab budget fiscal year 2016-17 will present on 10th June 2016 in Punjab Assembly. Total 450 billion Rupees have been earmarked under the development head;42 billion Rupees for education; 26 billion Rupees for health; Six(6) billion Rupees for laptop scheme; 30 billion Rupees for the construction of roads in rural areas; Ten billion Rupees for Orange Line Project;40 billion Rupees for irrigation; 12 billion Rupees for agriculture;16 billion Rupees for urban development programme and 18 billion Rupees for the energy sector in the budget. As many as 142 new development projects have been included in the next budget.

Punjab budget for fiscal year 2016-17 on June 10

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