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Punjab Artist Health Insurance Card Scheme 2023

Punjab Artist Health Insurance Card Scheme 2023

Provincial Minister for Information and Culture Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chohan said that health insurance cards worth Rs 400,000 were being introduced in Punjab that would facilitate artists and people connected to different disciplines of fine arts every year. In the first phase 10,000 artists would be issued health cards in this scheme, he said and added that different programs would be arranged for artists and each one would be provided monetary assistance of Rs 100,000.

The minister shared this information in a meeting with prominent figures of Fine Arts. He said that a Talent Hunt program was being arranged to encourage and promote the emerging singers. Eulogizing the commendable services rendered by literary legends, he said, “Creative writers are ambassadors of our country who pen for the betterment and soft image of the country.” He assured that writers and artists would not be left alone in any state of crisis.

He acknowledged the bold steps taken by the Information and Culture department under auspices of Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar. “The fresh dawn is nearby and all shall witness happiness, jubilation and prosperity,” he added. In response to a question he replied, “Shahid Afridi is our hero and Kashmir is the backbone of Pakistan.”

The drama scripted on the life and works of Sipahi Maqbool Hussain was greatly appreciated in Al-hamrah Arts Council. Next to that a new drama is going to be presented on the theme of dowry in society. Chairman Al-hamrah Arts Council Toqir Nasir, director Parvez Kaleem, Khalid Abbas Dar (Actor), Syed Noor (film director) and many others were presents on the occassion.

Punjab Artist Health insurance card is an important initiative of Information & Culture Department, Government of Punjab, in order to provide health insurance facilities to the artists and their families in Punjab. The insurance card will be provided to Artist belonging to different categories including Film, Television, Radio, Theatre, Music, Dance, Painting and Calligraphy. Health Insurance card is a step towards the improvement and making the lives of artists easier. About 6000 families can avail the facility of health insurance and a sum of Rs.4,00,000/- as health cover can be entertained by a family.

آرٹسٹ ہیلتھ انشورس کارڈ پنجاب کے فنکاروں کو صحت کے شعبہ میں بیمہ سہولیات فراہم کرنے حکومت پنجاب،وزارت اطلاعات و ثقافت کا ایک اہم اور مفید قدم ہے۔ ذیرگفتگوبیمہ کارڈ برائے صحت فنکاراں مختلف شعبہ ہائے زندگی مثًلا فلم، ٹیلی وژن، ریڈیو، تھیٹر، موسیقی،رقص، شاعری، نقاشی، خطاطی وغیرہ سے تعلق رکھنے والے فنکاروں کو صحت کے شعبے میں سہولیات فراہم کرنے کے لیے درخواست دہندہ کو جاری کیا جاے گا۔ بیمہ کارڈ فنکاروں کی زندگیوں کو آسان اور خوبصورت بنائے گا اور یہ سہولت 6000 فنکاروں اور ان کے اھل خانہ کو فراہم کی جائے گی۔مزید برآں حکومت پنجاب نے اس منصوبہ کی پایہ تکمیل کے لیے فی فنکار 400000 روپے سالانہ تک کی رقم مختص کر رکھی ہے


Punjab Govt introducing health insurance cards for artists

Health insurance cards for artists Application Forms:

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Last Date to Apply: 20th February 2023

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