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PTCL New Reconnect Landline & Broadband offer

Reconnect Landline & Broadband offer

PTCL New Reconnect Landline & Broadband offer

PTCL New Reconnect Landline & Broadband offer for their customers.

Reconnect Landline and Broadband

“At PTCL, we are delighted to have had the opportunity of serving you as our valued customer. We appreciate your patronage and would earnestly want you rejoin our improved network and restore your deactivated PTCL services. Striving for excellence in customer experience, PTCL is proud to bring another unique offer via which we assure you the best quality of service owing to our continual commitment to satisfy our customers and recent network improvements.

By offering innumerable incentives, we invite all those customers to reconnect their Landlines and/or Broadband who have discontinued their PTCL services due to any reason. As a token of appreciation, we would like to offer the following benefits upon restoration of your PTCL landline and/or broadband.

The Reconnect Offer:

Free installation/Restoration for Landline and Broadband customers
Unlimited on-net calls for Rs. 250 per month till March 31st, 2014
Zero Line rent
50% discount on outstanding PTCL dues
50% discount on Broadband package Monthly Recurring Charges until 31st March 2014All customers who have disconnected their PTCL Landline or Broadband connection before August 31st 2013, either willingly or due to non-payment of PTCL bills in the past will be entitled to this offer.

Moreover, all Broadband customers who restore their Broadband services will be entitled to avail 50% discount on their Broadband package (for regular 1Mbps and above) charges till August 31st 2013

PTCL Landline and Broadband benefits:

PTCL Landline offers flawless voice quality with reliability and the most economical call rates
PTCL offers inexpensive Landline call packages and most economical Broadband packages
PTCL Landline has the largest network spread across the country
With Broadband Pakistan you can access the latest information and knowledge resources
Uninterrupted video streaming, speedy downloads, and multiplayer video game options for the young broadband customers
With a more vast and diverse range of products and services than before, PTCL aims at making greater positive changes in the lives of millions of countrymen. Please call 0800-8-0800 or visit your nearest PTCL OSS for benefitting from this great offer.”


1. What is PTCL Reconnect Campaign?

A. PSTN and Broadband Reconnect Campaign is a special offer from PTCL whereby Landline and Broadband Customers who had disconnected their services due to any reason in the past (on or before August 31, 2013) can reconnect their services and avail our special offer.

2. What is the validity of PTCL Reconnect Campaign?

A. Customers can avail this offer till 31st October 2013.

3. How will I benefit from this offer?

On availing the Reconnect offer, you will benefit as follows:

There will be no Restoration Charges or Installation charges; therefore he saves Rs. 750 in case of PSTN Only.
If he had a Broadband connection and wants to reconnect his Broadband connection also, then there will be no Broadband Restoration or Installation charges. That will mean a saving of Rs. 1,000 in case of data rates below regular 2Mbps (but including Student 2Mbps package) & a saving of Rs. 1,500 for data rates 2Mbps & above.
If a Broadband connection is restored, customer will also enjoy 50% discount on Monthly Broadband Charges for data rates of 1Mbps and above regular packages (Excluding capped & student packages) till March 2014.
50% Discount on Outstanding Dues to be paid in full by the customer.
Unlimited On-Net Calls for Rs. 250 per month till March 31st 2014.
4. How can I avail Re-Connect offer?

A. You can avail this offer by calling 0800-8-0800 or visiting your nearest PTCL One Stop Shop (OSS). In case there is no OSS near in your area, please visit the nearest PTCL Exchange. The PTCL representative will guide you further.

5. Who is eligible for PTCL Reconnect Campaign?

PSTN only restoration cases
Broadband only restoration cases
PSTN + Broadband restoration cases
PSTN restoration case + New Broadband order

6. What if I restore my PSTN in this reconnect offer and applies for a new broadband connection, will I get waiver of broadband package Installation charges.

A. Yes. (Not in case of 1Mbps capped package & Student packages)

7. What if I restores my PSTN in this reconnect offer and applies for a new broadband connection, will I get the 50% discount on broadband package MRC (Monthly Recurring Charges) until 31st March 2014?

A. Yes you will get the broadband discount. (Excluding Capped & Student Packages)

8. What if I am availing 50% discount on 1Mbps package & then change my package to 1Mbps capped package or 1Mbps Student package? And after that I again change back to regular broadband package?

A. The discount will stop in that case. In case the customer again switches back to regular 1Mbps package or above, the 50% broadband MRC discount will start again until 31st March 2014.

9. Who are not eligible for this Re-Connect offer?

A. Customers who have disconnected their PTCL Landline or Broadband services after 31st August 2013 will not be eligible for this offer.

10. What will PTCL charge me for restoring my Landline or Broadband Connection?

A. PTCL will not charge any Restoration Charges nor will PTCL charge any Installation Charges. However if any PTCL dues are outstanding against your account you will have to pay only 50% of your outstanding amount in lump sum for restoration of your services.

11. What if I have no outstanding dues?

A. You can visit any PTCL OSS and get your number restored. If there is no OSS in your area, please visit the nearest PTCL Exchange.

12. From where can I get my bill?

A. You can call 0800-8-0800 and we will send you the bill by courier. You can also visit your nearest OSS for getting your bill. 13. Where can I make the bill Payment?

13. Where can I make the bill Payment?

A. You can make the bill payment at any PTCL One Stop Shop (OSS). If there is no OSS in your area, please visit the nearest PTCL Exchange.

14. Will I get my same number restored?

A. We cannot guarantee that you will get the same number. We will try to arrange the same number. But if that number has already been allocated to someone else, then we will allocate a new number to you.

15. How soon will I get my connection restored?

A. Our intent is to restore your services within 48 hrs after you have paid your bill. However due to technical reasons in some cases this may not be possible. In that case we will try to restore your services as soon as possible, within 7 days.

16. What if PTCL is unable to provide Landline & broadband services in my area now?

You can avail the 50% discount on your total defaulted amount but Vfone will be offered with dry area package, Vfone equipment charges will be charged as per standard rates.

For broadband orders, EVO will be offered with standard packages without any discount. EVO device charges will be charged as per standard rates.

17. If I want to order a new Smart TV, will I get any discount on these PTCL services?

A. No. Standard Smart TV charges will apply.

18. What does On-Net call mean?

A. On-Net calls mean calls from PTCL Landline to PTCL Landline and PTCL Vfone.

19. What will be the charges for unlimited On-Net calls after 31st March 2014 for Landline Only Subscribers?

A. Standard charges of Rs. 499 per month will be charged after 31st March 2014.

20. What will be the charges for unlimited On-Net calls after March 2014 for Landline + Broadband Subscribers?

A. There is no change in it. Charges of Rs. 250 per month will still be charged even after 31st March 2014.

21. What charges for Broadband will I pay after March 2014?

A. After March 2014, your 50% discount on Monthly Broadband Charges will end and you will pay standard Broadband package charges.

22. Can I pay my bill in installments?

A. No. Since we are offering a 50% discount on your unpaid amount, the total payable amount has to be paid in full.

23. Who do I contact if I don’t receive the adjusted bill?

A. You can call PTCL Helpline 0800-8-0800

24. What will happen if receive arrears in the next monthly bill?

A. We will make sure it does not happen. However if due to any reason this happens, you can go to any PTCL OSS or PTCL Exchange and get your bill corrected.

25. Is it mandatory to have the reconnect in the name of the same customer or can it be given in the name of a relative if the customer is not in Pakistan, or has expired or does not want to restore in his own name?

A. The name can be changed to the blood relative after CNIC verification by the PTCL representative.

26. Can I pay the outstanding amount in the bank?

A. No. you can only pay in PTCL One Stop Shop (OSS) or PTCL Revenue Office.

27. After I receive the bill for payment to PTCL, how many days do I have to pay the bill?

A. You must pay the bill within 7 days from the date of receipt of the bill from PTCL.