Saturday , February 4 2023

PTA Lost and Stolen Device System in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has launched a new automated “lost and stolen device system” to block lost, stolen, and snatched mobile phones. A new system has been implemented to block stolen and lost phones, Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA)Stolen Device System (LSDS) has been launched in Pakistan.

PTA Lost and Stolen Device System in Pakistan

The new system will be helpful for those users who want to block Gajo mobile phone in case of theft, snatching, or loss. You can apply for a PTA.

PTA Lost and Stolen Device System

Pakistan Telecommunications (PTA) has introduced a mechanism to block lost or snatched phones. Users can now lodge a complaint about their lost or snatched mobile phone at home. Users can lodge a complaint under The New Last and Stolen Device System. Go to the PTA complaint website and follow the instructions given. To turn off the mobile phone, users will have to provide their name, address, email, identity card, and details of the lost phone. The reference number will be given after which the phone will be blocked within 24 hours.

pta online phone block form

According to the PTA, LSDS is an automated system, and the PTA’s device is integrated with the Identification Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS), for the registration of stolen mobile phone complaints and the necessary verification. It will be blocked within 24 hours. Users can apply for phone blocking to PTA through the online complaint management system (CMS) available on the PTA website. For more information and questions, visit the PTA Consumer Support Center (CS). C) can be contacted on toll-free number 55055-0800 (Seven days a week from 09:00 am to 09:00 pm).

Upon successful registration of the locking application, the applicant will be provided with a reference number. In case of finding a lost phone, the complainant has to follow the same procedure for blocking through CMS and Along with other necessary details, which they provided when blocking the mobile phone, after the mobile phone is blocked, the user will receive an SMS to the number provided.