Thursday , February 9 2023

PTA Ban PUBG ٖFamous Mobile Phone Online Game in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: PTA has temporarily banned PubG game. PubG Game has been temporarily banned, Pub G Game has been suspended after receiving requests from various sections. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) ban Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) Famous Mobile Phone Online Game in Pakistan because the online game has a negative impact on children.Electronic sports is the world’s largest industry, PubG game is the biggest source of money online

“Pub G” is a very popular online game among teenagers and children which is played to the point of insanity all over the world including Pakistan.This game is played under a mission in which the enemy is confronted and guns are used for this purpose.We can play the game alone and more than one person can join. So in order to defend ourselves, we have to win the game by killing the enemy.Boys and girls play this game on the computer and because this game is running online, you can’t leave this game anywhere in the meantime. Even if you are going to eat or get up for any work, the other party will kill you.

PTA Ban PUBG Mobile Phone Online Game by the Order of LHC

This game is also expelled in various Countries like Aceh, an Indonesian province, the Indian state of Gujarat, Iraq, and Nepal.The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has imposed a temporary ban on the mobile game “Pub G” across the country. There are also PUBG LITE and PUBG STEAM players available on.

There are two types of this game. One is what is played on the computer and the other is what people play on the mobile.In the PubG game played on mobile, you have many options such as you can change your clothes and your weapon.The game is played all over the world, which has led to complaints about its negative effects from all over the world.

The game had also disqualified in Jordon after Jordan’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority advised that it has had negative effects on its users, which led to its being formally blocked.

The PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Americas and the World League have been indeterminately suspended due to the COVID-19 epidemic.PubG Game has been temporarily suspended in Pakistan, while a final decision on a full ban will be made after consultation. However, he did not specify how long it would take. It is not yet clear if the PTA’s decision to impose a permanent ban on PUBG Mobile will only apply to mobile games or to PUBG available for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

PUBG Mobile thought that the health and safety of players, teams, community fans and staff are the first importance to PUBG Mobile Esports. The company also further that they closely monitor the global condition of COVID-19 occurrence.

The online game PubG has so far claimed the lives of many young people around the world. In this game, two teams are formed and both the players kill each other with the help of weapons. The psychologist also said that due to the game, young people are suffering from mental stress while the element of violence is also increasing among them.

PubG is a popular, affordable and readily available entertainment activity for young people around the world. Many players also earn money by uploading videos of their gameplay while competing players represent Pakistan by participating in international gaming competitions.After receiving numerous complaints about PubG, the PTA imposed a temporary ban on June 1, saying the sport was addictive, a waste of time and had a severe negative impact on children’s physical and mental health. The decision will be made after consultation.

The world of electronic games is now endless. But one game is the most popular, as the magic of PubG speaks loudly these days. However, the era of any game is much faster and shorter now than before. Before that it was Call of the World, Taken, Counter Strike, Final Fantasy and especially Street Fighter. Street Fighter was the ancestor of these games, which remained in the hearts and minds of children and boys for many years.

Children of all ages have been secretly pursuing their hobbies with their adults. Today’s adults, in their childhood, were fond of video game stores.