Prize bond Rs.750 Rawalpindi Draw # 80 Full list 15th October 2019

Rawalpindi(October 15, 2019, راولپنڈی): National Savings of Pakistan has declared the Computerized Lucky Draw Number eighty of Common  Series of Prize Bond 750 Rupees today on Tuesday at 06:00 PM in Rawalpindi city on 15th October 2019.

Prize bond Rs. 750 Rupees(Seven Hundred and Fifty Rupees) Common Draw number 80 full Result 15.10 2019 Online check you are Prize Bond Umber from this website. 80 draw date of 750 bonds in October, 15th, 2019. Central Directorate Pakistan National savings organize the 750 prize bond draw. In a 750 prize bond, there are 3 prizes. Which are names as first, second and third? The reward for the winner of the first prize is worth Rs. 1,500,000 and the Prize bond number is. The second prize reward is Rupees Rs. 500,000 and the lucky winners have the bond numbers of. While the third winner gets the amount of Rs 9300. You will be very lucky if you get the first or second prize of 750 rupees prize bond.

Complete Full list of Prize Bond 750 Draw Number 80 Result is available on this page. Total of 1696 prizes each for the winner of the 3rd prize of 750 rupees bond. You can download the complete Computerized draw 80th result of prize bond 750 rupees from the official website also on 15/10/2019. All those persons who have Seven hundred fifty rupees bond can check their result from this page.

Rs 750 prize bond is the good prize bond for investment. The bond is ideal for people with low incomes who want to make a little investment. It not just a safe investment but also provides the opportunity to get huge prizes through the lucky draw. Rs 750 prize bond draw held after every three months which means that you can try your fortune four times in a year.

How to Check Prize bond 750 Result Draw 80 15-10-2019?
The procedure is given below to check Online Result and Free download a list of Rupees 750 rupees prize bond 80th draw can also check the draw result of their 750 Rs Prize Bond through you can check the result on your mobile or on your computer. Select your desired denomination and enter your Prize bond Number. You can check the prize bond one by one or enter a range of prize bond full serial copy. If your prize bond number matches. Congratulations, you can claim your prize bond money from any branch of state banks of Pakistan. 25% Tax will be deducted from the prize money by the Non-Filer and 15% tax will be deducted from the tax filer person

 اکتوبر 2019 کو 750 میں سے 750 پرائز بانڈ لسٹ راولپنڈی کو ڈاؤن لوڈ کریں

Download Prize bond Rs.750 Rawalpindi Draw # 80 Full list 15th October 2019

prize bond 750 lists 2019
DRAW OF Rs.750/- PRIZE BOND HELD AT Karachi Draw No.: 80TH Series: COMMON DRAW Date: 15/10/2019


First Prize of Rs.1,500,000/- Coming Soon…


Second Prize of Rs.500,000/- Each 3 Prizes Coming Soon.

. ————————————————————–

Third Prize of 1696 Prizes of Rs.9,300/- Each