Thursday , February 2 2023

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s Kisan Package

PM Nawaz Sharif ’s Kisan Package

Prime Minister Main Nawaz Sharif  has announced Kissan Package worth 341 billion rupees unprecedented in Pakistan.

Zari Relief Five Thousand Rupees per acre for Rice & Cotton Crops.

PM Nawaz Sharif has announced forty billion rupees for payment of cash grants to small growers of rice and cotton affected by slump in prices of commodities. He said the government has decided to give cash assistance of five thousand rupees per acre to the farmers having land of 12.5 acre.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif ’s Kissan Package 2015

PM Kissan’ package 2015:

Kissan Package is for the benefit of all farmers of the country. Kissan’ packageFund of twenty billion rupees is providing fertilizers to the growers at low rate. Twenty five billion rupees have been allocated to provide Urea to the farmers at reduced rates and directed the provincial governments to ensure implementation of old rate of Urea from next month.

support measures of Rs. 5,000 per acre to the farmers to the extent of 12.5 acres, 2% reduction in rate of interest for rice and cotton growers and rise from Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 4,000 in Production Index Units (PIU) of agricultural land

Federal government will pay premium for crop insurance scheme.Interest free loans will be provided to the farmers for installation of solar tube wells or converting existing ones to the solar. Power tariff concessions for the tube wells.

Duties on imported agriculture machinery have been reduced from forty three percent to nine percent for three years.

Thirty billion rupees will be given as loan to three hundred thousand small farmers without any collateral guarantee.

PM said that the ‘Kissan’ package is for the farmers of entire nation and is not specific to any region and it is the right of all the country’s farmers. PM further said that the farmer community throughout Pakistan is suffering due to non-implementation of Kissan package.