Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Kesan Convention 2015

Prime Minister Kesan Convention 2015
PM Kesan Convention Packages 2015

Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has announced Zari Pakages for Pakistani Kesans. Prime Minister said in Convention Center during ceremony that there are four parts of the relief package for farmers.

Details of Kesan Packages:

There are four Pakages is announced in this Kesan Convention 2015

Kesan Convention 2015 Zari Packages

The first part of the package of financial support to farmers directly, reducing the production costs, the third quarter of agricultural loans and to facilitate the acquisition of loans to farmers is based. The federal government says it will cooperate with the provincial governments.

Small farmers will be five thousand rupees per acre relief.

Twelve and a half acres of small farmers who will receive five thousand rupees per acre cash.

Fertilizer prices are twenty billion fund.

interest-free loans to farmers having less land.

The government would pay the premiums for crop insurance.

Tube wells for electricity discount will be seven billion.

Tube wells will be interest-free loans for solar energy shifted.

Prime Minister three hundred forty billion for farmers from the agricultural package was announced.

Farmers will prchut income tax for three years. Lahore percent mark-up rate of disbursements will be made.

Halal meat production unit will be exempt from income tax for four years.

Agricultural commodities, imports of fruit for three years will be exempt from income tax.