Saturday , September 21 2019

Prime Minister Imran Khan Pakistan Citizens Portal

Prime Minister Imran Khan Pakistan Citizens Portal

Prime Minister Imran Khan has lunched citizen portal Pakistan website. Pakistan Citizen Portal is an integrated citizens grievance redressal system connecting all government organizations both at federal and provincial levels.
Pakistan citizen portal contact number

Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurate a complaint cell, Pakistan Citizen Portal for Pakistanis to face issues in their daily life, to listen to and address the people’s problems. Issues related to human rights, corruption, land grabbing, bureaucracy and others can be reported directly to the prime minister through the complaint cell and he will subsequently issue directives for their resolution.

Pakistan Citizen Portal System complaint Guide

Pakistan citizen portal download for pc

The Pakistan Citizen’s Portal will help you register your complaints with the government. The system is very’ simple to use. It will first ask about your citizenship status and gives three options: Pakistan citizen, overseas Pakistani and foreign citizen. You can then select which category’ y’our complaint falls into and share some basic information.

Pakistan citizens portal app download

you can download Pakistan citizen portal app from google play store and install prime minister citizen portal on your Mobile Phones.

For downloading the app of Pakistan Citizen Portal click the following link