Sunday , September 25 2022

Pakistan Citizens Portal Corona Relief Tigers Force registration 2022

Pakistan’s prime minister Imran Khan has launched the citizen portal Pakistan website. Pakistan Citizen Portal is an integrated citizen grievance redressal system connecting all government organizations both at federal and provincial levels. online registration application to the prime minister of Pakistan. The Tiger Force has a responsibility to provide door-to-door rations. Captains and vice-captains of the Tiger Force teams will also be nominated.

Pakistan Citizens Portal Corona Relief Tigers Force registration 2022

On the directive of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the country’s largest grievance system has been fully activated.8864 dashboards of officers on Citizen Portal in the provinces have been assigned responsibility. The Prime Minister’s Office has issued letters to more than 8,864 government offices across the country, directing government officials to register complaints of the weaker sections from dashboards. In the current letter, give special instructions to government officials for the convenience of the elderly, widows, and the disabled.

The public will have access to 8,600 organizations to register their grievances. It has been decided to launch the Pakistan Citizen Portal app at the next World Government Summit. As many as 2.8 million people have registered for the portal app. It has been decided to expand the scope of the Pakistan Citizen Portal and Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered to increase public access to the Pakistan Citizen Portal. The expansion of the Pakistan Citizen Portal will benefit an additional 80 million Pakistanis, previously available to 35 million Pakistanis, while the public will have access to 8,600 institutions to register their grievances. Pakistan Citizen Portal App has been decided to be presented at the next World Government Summit. As many as 2.8 million people have registered for the Portal App Prob.

PM Corona Relief Tiger Force Duties

The Pakistan Citizen Portal has start­ed registration of youth volunteers for the pro­posed Corona Relief Tigers Force which is announced by Prime Minister Imran minister kamyab jawan is announced for youth in Pakistan. Pakistan’s first prime minister has announced the biggest relief Tiger force in Pakistan. You can be registered on the prime minister citizen portal.

The Ministry of Human Rights has launched the “Zainab Alert” app on the Pakistan Citizen Portal. The launch of the “Zainab Alert” app on the Akstan Citizen Portal is a commendable effort by the federal government to streamline and strengthen the efforts of search agencies for missing children. This alert system with Pakistan Citizen Portal will be immediately available to 2.9 million registered users.

Pakistan Citizens Portal Corona Relief Tigers Force registration 2020

PM Corona relief Tigers Force online registration

Usman Dar said that the process for the creation of the force had been started which would work in collaboration with district administrations to look after the affairs of quarantine would also ensure uninterrupted food supply to the less-privileged people at their doorsteps.

Prime Minister Imran Khan had said that the Corona Relief Tigers Force’ would help the gov­ernment and institutions in reaching out to the poor people affected by the lockdown and pro­vide them with food and other essential items.

The prime minister said the youth from all segments of society including young doctors, nurses and others can join the Corona Tiger Force. The whole operation of the force will be organized and coordinated by a data cell at the PM Office.

Pakistan citizen portal contact number

Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurates a complaint cell, Pakistan Citizen Portal for Pakistanis to face issues in their daily life, to listen to and address the people’s problems. Issues related to human rights, corruption, land grabbing, bureaucracy, and others can be reported directly to the prime minister through the complaint cell and he will subsequently issue directives for their resolution.

Pakistan Citizen Portal System complaint Guide

Pakistan citizen portal download for pc

The Pakistan Citizen’s Portal will help you register your complaints with the government. The system is very’ simple to use. It will first ask about your citizenship status and gives three options: Pakistan citizen, overseas Pakistani, and foreign citizen. You can then select which category’ your complaint falls into and share some basic information.

Pakistan citizens portal app download

you can download the Pakistan citizen portal app from google play store and install the prime minister citizen portal on your Mobile Phone.Complaints will not be required to be lodged with the concerned authorities, staff at any nearby government office will be required to lodge complaints and government agencies will be required to forward the citizen’s complaint to the concerned department.

Pakistan is the 10th largest country in the world according to the size of the labor force. The unemployment rate in the country is 6.24 percent and the youth unemployment rate is 10.5 percent. The labor market in Pakistan is undergoing structural changes.  In Pakistan, women work primarily in the home or on the farm. Their participation in work outside these areas, particularly informal employment, is extremely low. The manifesto of the PTI government is to serve the people in a practical way. Government institutions should be bound to serve in any case. Improvement of governance is conditional on better coordination among the people and institutions.

PM Tiger Force in Punjab and KPK will be operational next week. The identity card will be issued through Electric Chip. they will monitor and applied of SOP in Majids, Distribution of Fashion, and Social Distance.