Pakistan Railways ML1 Project in Pakistan


Pakistan Railways ML-1 is a revolutionary project that will provide employment to 1.5 million people. China has cooperated with Pakistan in the development of railways.The Prime Minister and the Chief of Army Staff talked about ML-1 everywhere.

Pakistan Railways ML1 Project in Pakistan

The project is intended to rehabilitate and improve the existing ML-1 railway connecting Karachi, Lahore, and Peshawar.

Pakistan Railways ML-1

1 SirSyed Express (35Up/36Dn) Karachi Cantt – Rawalpindi Via:
Hyderabad,Rohri, Multan Cantt-
Faisalabad – Wazirabad – Rawalpindi
2 Hazara Express (11 Up/12Dn) Karachi City-Havelian Via: Rohri-
Multan Cantt – Jhang – Sargodha –
Lalamusa – Rawalpindi
3 Attock Passenger (201Up/202Dn) Attock City – Mari Indus
4 Jand Passenger (203Up/204Dn) Attock City- Jand
5 Mehr Express (127Up/128Dn) Multan – Rawalpindi Via: KotAdu,
Kundian, Basal
6 Gujranwala Passenger (217Up/218Dn) Lahore – Gujranwala
7 Gujranwala Passenger (219Up/220Dn) Lahore – Gujranwala
8 Gujranwala Passenger (221 Up/222 Dn) Lahore – Gujranwala
9 Chenab Express (135-Up /136 Dn) Lalamusa – Sargodha
10 Lalamusa Express (137Up/138Dn) Lalamusa – Sargodha
11 Karana Express (253Up/254Dn) Lalamusa – Sargodha
12 Faiz Ahmad Faiz(209Up/210Dn) Lahore – Narowal

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