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PPAF Summer Internship Programme

PPAF provides opportunity to young students to experience grassroots development through its Annual Summer Internship Programme. The Programme mainly builds the capacity and provides mentorship to young professionals to cope with challenges and explore opportunities in the development sector.

The PPAF Internship Programme is mainly exposure based. It allows fresh graduates and undergraduates to explore possible career choices in the development sector by getting first-hand knowledge about PPAF and its interventions. The Internship Programme is a mix of class room learning along with field exposure in a secure rural or semi-urban area wherein PPAF takes care of all administrative matters including safety and security of the participants.

Over the last few years more than 100 students have benefited from the PPAF Summer Internship Programme and pursuing career in different fields. Participants’ selection is irrespective of gender, ethnical, and religious Students belonging to national and international academic institutions and coming from diverse backgrounds can become part of the Programme.

The experience gained by the participants benefit them to understand the dynamics of development sector and the crucial work that is meant to bring a sustainable change along with positive transformation in the lives of marginalised communities.

Eligibility: Fresh graduates and students of national and international institutions.
Process of applying:
a. Read the rules & regulations and agree to them
e-mail these documents to us at:
internships@ppaf.org.pk by June 16, 2019.
You may coordinate with us at summaira@ppaf.org.pk

The Summer Internship Programme 2019 is going to start now.

The last date of application submission in June 16, 2019 .

Following are the reference documents.

PPAF Summer Internship Programme 2019 Application Form

Download PPAF Internship Programme Application Form

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PPAF Summer Internship Programme 2019