PMDC NRE Registration Online Portal in Pakistan

Pakistan Medical and Dental Council has officially started functioning, PMDC has started issuing permanent registration certificates without National Licensing Examination (NLE) to doctors graduating from Pakistan Medical and Dental Colleges from February 8,2023.

PMDC NRE Registration Online Portal in Pakistan

PMDC online portal has been launched for the convenience of doctors across the country, a number of 1500 registration certificates have been issued on the first day. Good standing certificates and renewal process was also initiated by PMDC.

PMDC NRE Registration Online Portal in Pakistan


These graduates have been waiting for a long time to get themselves registered but failed due to the strict rules imposed by the PMC. One of the objectives of PMDC is to make the registration portal there in a way that it is easy to use, PMDC immediately after its announcement ensured that the registration portal should be accurate.

As per the new law of PMDC Act 2022, an examination for foreign graduates i.e. National Registration Examination (NRE) has been introduced for Pakistani graduates with undergraduate degrees from foreign institutions. It is mandatory to pass the said NRE to get full registration.


The NRE exam will be based on a fairly objective computer based multiple choice questions and a practical component.

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Fahad Munir