PMC MDCAT Result 2023 List of Top Position Holders

Pakistan Medical Commission announced the results of Medical Entry Test 2023 recently. Continuing the tradition of success, STEP once again swept the medical entrance test across the country. The first, second and third positions in the University of Health Sciences MDCAT results were bagged by STEP students.

In the MDCAT 2023 examination, Ezra Riaz got the first position by getting 198 marks out of 200 while Haseeb Khan got the second position by getting 197 marks, similarly four candidates got the third position by getting 195 marks. Among them are Mansoor Khan, Shah Faisal Khan, Syed Aqeel Bacha and Abdul Razak. Saifullah Imtiaz, Muqtasad Khan, Saifullah Khalid, Halima, Anam Khan and Saqlain Khan jointly secured the fourth position with 194 marks. The growing trend of medical education among male and female students is welcome. Success ratio in recent FSC exams is good. Students are working hard with great diligence. They need more facilities as well as encouragement from the government.

PMC MDCAT Result 2023 List of Top Position Holders

In the MDCAT 2023 test, 110 students scored more than 190 marks, 1094 students managed to score between 180 and 189, while 2085 students scored between 170 and 179. More than 20 thousand students could not even score 100 marks in the test.

PMC MDCAT 2023 List of Top Position Holders

 ایم ڈی کیٹ 2023 کے امتحان میں پوزیشن
نمبرپوزیشننام طالبعلم/طالبہ
198 نمبر/200پہلی پوزیشنعذرا ریاض
197 نمبر/200دوسری پوزیشنحسیب خان
195 نمبر/200تیسری پوزیشنمنصور خان، شاہ فیصل خان، سید عقیل باچا اور عبدالرزاق
194 نمبر/200چوتھی پوزیشنسیف اللہ امتیاز، مقتصد خان ، سیف اللہ خالد ،حلیمہ ، انعم خان اور ثقلین خان