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PM Laptop Scheme (Phase IV & V) HEC Deadline to get Laptop

The government has started an internship program for undergraduate youth at 12,000 rupees per month in public and private institutions. Smartphones and laptops open the doors of the world to youth, so there is a need to exploit their skills. . Pakistan is the fourth largest country in the world for freelance service providers, with a growth rate of 74% and these service providers are earning $2 billion annually. 15 crore youth under the age of 25 can now visit one platform through a digital portal.

Prime Minister’s Youth Program is an extraordinary initiative launched via the Government of Pakistan in 2013 for five (05) years. The Youth Program​ involves of quite a few schemes which include Prime Minister’s Interest-Free Loan Scheme, Prime Minister’s Youth Business Loans, Prime Minister’s Youth Training Scheme, Prime Minister’s Youth Skills Development Scheme, Prime Minister’s Fee Reimbursement Scheme for Students from Less Developed Areas and Prime Minister’s Laptops Scheme.

Prime Minister’s Laptops Scheme is for Talented Students with the foremost goal of this scheme is an try to beautify the scope of research and first-rate training in us of a and make bigger the get right of entry to facts technology.


Investment in early life no longer only has the best rate-of-return (ROI), however, it has also been recognized as the satisfactory long-term investment for the affluent future of any nation, with a fantastic demographic dividend. Many large countries have changed their undertaking of massive populations with excessive increase charge into possibilities to bolster their economies by empowering their adolescence with marketable skills. This cognizance through the authorities was once the catalyst that crystalized the mission to empower youth by using giving them laptops for their tutorial and lookup activities.

The distribution of laptops is estimated to carry a paradigm shift in the current education and research culture in the country. In this statistics age, non-public computing devices, like a laptop, is a must especially for students at greater training level. Keeping this truth into consideration and realizing the restricted number of laptops available for the program, HEC’s desire is to provide these laptops to those who are at the starting of their educational years to avail maximum benefits of this initiative.The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has announced Phase-II of the Interim Placement of Fresh PhDs (IPFP) Program, initiated to provide all Pakistani fresh PhD graduates an opportunity to be placed as Assistant Professors on a tenure track system for a period of one year ISLAMABAD, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 20th Nov, 2019 ) :The Higher education Commission (HEC) has announced Phase-II of the Interim Placement of Fresh PhDs (IPFP) Program, initiated to provide all Pakistani fresh PhD graduates an opportunity to be placed as Assistant Professors on a tenure track system for a period of one year. Under the programme, the HEC has invited applications for the fiscal year 2019-20 as 'IPFP Fellows' in all areas of study/disciplines. Sources from HEC told APP that due to increase in the number of PhD holders, there was growing demand for such interim opportunities. HEC has given the final deadline for the submission of application as November 28, 2019. The candidates should fill required information online, upload mandatory documents and apply at HEC E portal HEC, they said, has revised the placement policy and launched Phase-II of the program with revised Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs) for result based implementation of the programme. Previously submitted applications will not be considered further, therefore; candidates were required to apply afresh. To meet the expanded demand at current rates of remuneration would be unviable, especially under the current financial constraints, they added. They said that financial crisis has also forced universities to cut down on recruitment of new faculty, which adds to the pressure. The sources further told that the placement under IPFP was on halt temporarily due to formulation of new policy. Now, all fresh PhDs will apply through E-portal for their placement, they added. "Of the remaining one-quarter of the participants, about half dropped out before the conclusion of the program (presumably to pursue other career choices), while the other half have faced delays in finding suitable permanent positions" an Official of HEC said. The challenge requires fresh thinking, including on the contours of the IPFP program. Accordingly, HEC has reviewed the IPFP policy, and proposed significant changes, both to be able to expand the size of the program within the existing budget, and to ensure that it helps support longer-term career plans of the participants, he added. It is worth mentioning here that under HEC rules, the host institutions were required to advertise corresponding faculty positions and afford an opportunity to IPFP scholars to compete for positions. Since 2009, HEC has placed around 4,300 fresh PhDs in the IPFP Programme in universities. A recent review of the program has shown that the program was successful in placing about three-quarters (74.64 per cent) of the participants in long-term faculty positions (in the same or other universities).

Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme Phase IV & V ​
​This scheme was once launched in 2013-14 with a target to procure and distribute 100,000 laptops amongst the students analyzing in Pakistan and AJ& K. HEC was once given the accountability to devise the mechanism of distribution of 100,000 laptops after procurement via open aggressive bidding.

The launch of the youth program is a great service to the Pakistani nation, through the skillful program millions of families were provided with employment.

Similar to the previous year, the scheme is conceived as a complete ecosystem around the laptop computer alternatively of distributing “black boxes” to students. Ecosystem as envisaged round the laptop computer hardware for this project, consists of various components ranging from licensed/ proper Windows 10 Operating System; Microsoft Office365 application software; Training probability at Microsoft IT Academy at respective university/ institutes; Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification voucher, 3G EVO Device; Access to HEC’s National Digital Library the use of 3G/ 4G EVO Device and have opportunity to take online courses from world famend universities on subsidized fees thru These factors will not solely carry a cost to cash, however, they will create synergy with applicable industries, as nicely as assist HEIs to supply cutting-edge technologically enabled academic environment at par with HEIs in the developed world.

PM Laptop Scheme (Phase IV & V) HEC Online Apply Last Date

The Prime Minister Laptop Scheme is launched by the Higher Education Commission for the students of the public universities of Pakistan.

PM Laptop Scheme (Phase IV & V) HEC Deadline to get Laptop


In the first phase, distribution of laptops will start in February 2023. This time laptops will be given to MPhil/PhD as well as undergraduate and open/virtual university students, however the number of laptops for undergraduates will be limited. Funds of 10 billion rupees are being allocated by the government for this scheme.


Students are suggested to Apply ​Online through Registering or Updating Profile at the following hyperlink of Students’ Service Portal. ​

Important information for laptop applicants:

Students who are encountering the issue in receiving SMS while applying under Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme Phase-III are suggested to register their complaints alongside cell phone variety on

Higher Education Commission (HEC) PM Laptops scheme

Prime Minister’s Youth Program, Skill Development Program, Laptop Scheme, Internship Scholarship Program and Youth Financing Scheme are included so that Pakistani youth who constitute 68% of the country’s population can stand on their own feet by starting businesses and instead of being a burden. To be independent.