Wednesday , February 8 2023

PM Imran Khan Corona Relief Tiger Forces Portal in Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan will give the Tiger Force a roadmap for the future and decide on a roadmap of new responsibilities for them at a ceremony in the federal capital today. Tiger Force is working as a facilitator to fill the human resource gap in the administration and so far 172,000 volunteers from across Pakistan have registered on the platform.

 The Tiger Force should check the prices of flour, pulses, sugar, and ghee in their areas daily.

So far, a total of 750,000 volunteers have registered themselves with the Corona Relief Tiger Force, which will help government workers reach the poor in rural and urban areas and help identify affected and poor and stable families. The Prime Minister has decided to expand the scope of services of the Tiger Force

PM Corona Relief Tiger Opening Ceremony in Lahore

Addressing a function at the Corona Relief Fund, Prime Minister Imran Kahn said that difficult times are the test of nations, which shows the faith of a human being. The bad time is considered by God to be a test, it comes out strong, when the nation overcomes this challenge, there will be a completely different nation.

Imran Khan said that economically stable countries are also in trouble; the resources of rich countries and the economic conditions of Pakistan are very different. Lockdown will be successful when delivering food to people at home. Lockdown is successful in Wuhan. The food was delivered to every house, Tiger Force has six million members so far, will deliver food to homes through Tigerforce during Lockdown.

PM Corona Relief Fund:

Chairman NADRA meets PM, employees present Five crore check for Corona Relief Fund. Religious scholar Tayyab Khanum Bukhari gives Five lakh check for the Prime Minister’s Corona Virus Relief Fund. He also vowed to raise funds for the Corona Relief Campaign. The Prime Minister applauded the spirit of Tayeb Khanum Bukhari.

Prime Minister has announced the formation of a Tiger Force to do the Coronavirus. Federal Government has decided to run Tiger Force in Sindh. Governor Imran Ismail will lead 154,000 volunteers of the Corona Relief Tiger Force in Sindh.


PM Imran Khan will meet with Business Community for Corona Relief Fund. A large number of Young Boys and girls registered as a volunteer in Corona Relief Tiger Force in Pakistan.

PM Imran Khan Corona Relief Tiger Forces Ceremony in Lahore

Imran Khan says the US has given a relief package of $ two billion, while in Pakistan the government has given the largest economic package in history. Keep in mind, people associated with the construction sector are affected, construction can provide a lot of jobs, people will be paid on merit, Shaukat Khanum is treated on merit, MPs and MNEs should find it difficult. Help people in time.

The Prime Minister further said that the entire nation will defeat the Corona jointly, coordinate the activities of the charities, the agriculture and freight transport sector is fully open, after the 18th Amendment, no one wants to do so.

The Tiger Force will go to the palace to provide awareness to the people, the Corona Relief Fund has been set up for the weaker sections, it has given three months relief to pay electricity and gas bills The connection will not be disconnected, the fees for private schools and those who cannot afford to rent are also making policy.

Corona Relief Fund has been set up for the weaker sections, we will try to raise this fund, there will be no food shortages, storage for smugglers and smugglers, Tiger Force will help people in their areas. Provides awareness, the agriculture sector in Pakistan is fully open, restaurants in small cities are allowed to carry food items, as well as freight transport has been kept open.

The Prime Minister said that as Pakistan when compared to the richest countries in the world, there is a lack of resources to tackle the big challenge of Quad 19, the youth and charities will fill the country’s resource gap.

He also called on political workers, including members of the National and Provincial Assemblies, to take part in the Corona Relief Tiger Force.