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PM Imdadi Package For Small Business and Industries

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that from November 1, electricity will be provided to small and medium enterprises at 50 percent less than the November 2019 rate. Prime Minister has announced “Chota Karobar o Sannat Imdadi Package”, an electricity relief package for Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs) of Pakistan and you can get more information from

The industrial package announced by the government will help strengthen the industrial sector and create new sources of employment in the country. The government is providing easy loans to young people to start businesses. The government has revived the textile industry and launched projects to strengthen the construction and agriculture sectors.

PM Imdadi Package For Small Business and Industries Apply Online

The government of Pakistan has announced Tax Relief Package for Construction Sector. The package includes restoration of economic activity which will benefit 40 construction linked industries and will generate more employment opportunities.

Prime Minister’s Small Business & Industries Relief Package

From November 1, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) will be provided electricity at a 50% discount on surplus power. For example, if they were buying electricity at Rs. 16 per unit, they will now get it at Rs. 8, as well as all industries. Additional electricity will be available at a 25% lower rate, no more pack over, and 24 hours off pack over.

PM Imdadi Package For Small Business and Industries

The government of Pakistan will pay your three-month Electricity bill and Consumers of Small businesses 5KW and Industrial 70KW are eligible for this package. There Electricity Meter was installed before 1st March 2020.

The government announced an economic package for the relief of the business community during the Corona epidemic


Pakistani Government pays your Electricity Bill for three months equal to May/June bill. one Lac imdad for Commercial Meter. Four Lac and Fifty Thousand Rupees for Industrial Meter. Commercial and Industrial SMEs can benefit from this package in the following manner:

PM Chota Karobar o Sannat Imdadi Package details
Consumers Maximum load of the Connection Base Period to calculate the electricity consumption Bills payment by the Government of Pakistan
Commercial SMEs Connected load up to 5 kW May-July 2019 The total amount of bills during the base period (May-July 2019)
Industrial SMEs Connected load up to 70kW
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PM Imdadi Package For Small Business and Industries

Pakistan has an employed Labor Force of 61.71 million with an urban and rural spread of 20.96 million and 40.75 million respectively. Seventy-two percent of those employed outside agriculture or Four to Five jobs in non-Agri sectors are in the informal SME sector.

The credit provided to the beneficiary SME will be valid for 6 months starting from the billing of May 2020. Only eligible for commercial and industrial meters connected before March 01, 2020. Prime Minister Imran Khan announced an impressive package of Rs. 1200 billion for small businesses and daily wage earners.

The government of Pakistan has paid three months (May-July 2020) of electricity bills for small businesses. The amount credited in bills through this program will remain usable until the end of October-2020. However, any additional charges and any outstanding arrears shall remain to be the responsibility of the consumer.

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For commercial SMEs, the maximum Government’s support will not exceed Rs. 100,000 and for industrial SMEs maximum Government’s support will not exceed RS. 450,000 for three months.