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PM Corona relief Tigers Force online registration

Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced to set up a fund against the Coronavirus and set up a youth-based Tiger Force, which will provide food at home. Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday decided to give administrative powers to the Sindh Governor Imran Ismail to the Corona Tiger Force. Tiger Force volunteers post the prices of essential commodities daily on the Tiger Force portal. The prices of these items will be discussed in a meeting on Saturday.

The force, together with the military and the administration, will fight against the outbreak. In areas where lockdown is required, this force will provide assistance in providing food and awareness. Usman Dar, Assistant Prime Minister of Imran Khan, says that in the 48 hours, some 300,000 youth have become part of the Tiger Force. The force has been instrumental in cracking down on hoarders and distributing aid cash. The government will further increase the responsibilities of the volunteer force.

Corona Virus Relief Force Jobs 2020

How to Register for Prime Minster PM Imran Khan Corona Relief Tiger Force

You Should Install Pakistan Citizen’s Portal from your mobile with PlayStore Download Application and install it you android mobile Phone. Registered yourself as New User, fill all the information which is required to complete it. You can be registered with CNIC or Passport and select your user name with the password.KPK citizen portal users can log in with their credentials.The force’s primary responsibilities included working with the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) to deliver rations and food to people’s homes in the lockdown caused by the corona virus, and to provide the administration with wherever they needed it. Their services will be sought.

Fill the form with your Name, Enter Registered Email, Mobile Phone Number and Complete address with Village, Town, Tehsil, District and Submit it to register yourself.

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Imran Khan has told the youth of the country that young people should be prepared to help in the case of corona virus. online registration will be started from 31st March 2020 through the PM Citizen portal

“Recruitment for corona relief tigers will formally begin on March 31. We are calling upon all volunteers,”

Young people are taking a keen interest in the Corona Relief Tiger Force registration. The Prime Minister expressed his enthusiasm for the youth participation in the Tiger Force. This is the spirit of youth in difficult times. Youth is the biggest asset of this country and the youngsters have played a role in every watch of the trial. Registration for the Tiger Force will continue for the next few days.

Corona Relief Tigers Program 2020

Registration for PM’s Corona Relief Tigers strategy was put in place to deliver the government relief package to the deserving people and it was decided that a special task will be delegated to PTI members across the country and thousands of party officials will be included in the Corona Relief Tigers program.

PM Corona relief Tigers Force online registration method step by step

Prime Minister Imran Khan Corona Relief Fund 2020:

There will be no question of whatever money it will raise and the tax deduction can be obtained by showing the amount deposited in it. The funds raised will be used to support the 110 million people registered in the Ehsaas program when needed. The fund will be audited and details will be made public.

Governmnet of Pakistan has announced the largest $ 8 billion relief package in the country’s history. While the US delivered a $ 2000 billion package. This comparison shows that we do not have the resources. The biggest strength we have is faith and the second biggest power is the young population. To win the battle of Corona, we have to use these tactics.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that to win the war against Corona, every citizen has to play a role. The day laborers are making it a priority.

Corona Relief Tigers program will be announced soon….corona extra information


Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced to make new corona relief Tigers Force in Pakistan to help the people. Assistant Special Affairs Minister Usman Dar Prime Minister Corona has been mobilized to form the Relief Tiger Force.

PM Corona Relief Tiger Force Online Registration method

“It is important to note that when they [other countries] enforced a lockdown, they had food delivered to people’s homes,” PM Imran said. “The corona relief tigers will be sent all over Pakistan. We will map out where there is a spike in cases and these tigers will be sent to those areas to deliver essential supplies.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan urged the youth to be part of the Tiger Force and urged the youth to play their role in the fight against the disease.
The force will bring awareness campaigns to the people and food to the areas where they will lockdown. Corona Relief will meet the Tiger Force shortage. Any youth can join the force.

PM Corona Relief Tiger Force online apply

Health workers are on the front line in the fight against Corona, the whole nation stands with health workers, all medical supplies in Pakistan are coming from China while the US has also opened visas for health workers.

PM Imran Khan invites the youth of Pakistan to register your self as a volunteer to help the public in your areas. Organizational citizenship behavior is; volunteer behaviors of workers which ensure the improvement of the organization.corona in English
Registration for PM Imran’s “Corona Relief Tigers”

corona relief tiger force registration Procedure

PM Corona relief Fund Account is Established at SBP. You can send you am amount for the help of corona patients. The development of society is under the responsibility of people living in it, and the development of an organization is under the responsibility of people working for it.

Usman Dar said that Pakistani youth displayed excellent spirit during floods and earthquakes; hopefully, they will also play a significant role in the fight against Corona if needed. Workers are very important in the process of reaching goals and success and having a competitive advantage.


Healthy Young Boys and Girls

Age Limit: 18-45 years.

The Prime Minister’s Office has released the details of the “Prime Minister Corona Relief Fund Account”, saying that the National Bank of Pakistan will be able to send funds to account 4162786786 while the Swift code is NBPAPKKAMBR.

PM Corona relief Tigars Force online registration

PM Corona relief Tigers Force online registration

Applicants apply for the registration for corona relief Tigers Force online here.

Corona relief Tigers Force will distribute rashan to effective areas of Pakistan and give help with the register your self and ready to help the can save the people that are effective from coronavirus in corona patients in Islamabad Pakistan. recover corona patients in Pakistan.Total dead patients in Pakistan.

It is a challenge for us to prepare our young generation or labor force to face the challenges of the future. Different people and the team have different levels of good, great and awesome performances measured against their own personal yardsticks. Prior steps are needed to protect Pakistan from chaos, young people ready to help in emergencies.

When goals are realistic and achievable, employees have a better chance of success. Success results in an increased eagerness to take on new and challenging projects. This can lead to increased innovation.

Imran Khan said he hoped that the youth would play their best role as a national duty. In China, even during the lockdown, the youth kept the food supply from duty.

Punjab government has announced a monthly package of Rs 4,000 for 25 million families affected by Corona. Chief Minister Punjab Usman Bazdar announced the implementation of Corona ordinance in the province and said that care for the virus patients.

Doctors and paramedical staff will be paid one month extra. 3100 prisoners to be released for 90 days Corona ordinance has been implemented from today.

Youths have always played a vital role in social services as they work selflessly to create jobs. The Prime Minister entrusted the responsibility of delivering the essentials to the homes of the deserving people who have always been the arm of Imran Khan in social work.

Corona virus and some precautions

Prime Minister Imran Khan announced to set up of a Corona Relief Fund on 1st April to support and assist the people in the national defense against the Corona epidemic, saying that I want everyone to contribute to this fund so It is possible to take care of the people who have been locked up by the lockdown.

The volunteer force will also take care of the personnel stationed in Quarantine; young volunteers will be able to identify storage and keep food rations and food chains restored to emergency homes from March 31. Registration of volunteers from across the country will be held on the Citizens Portal by April 10.

The youth have fulfilled their responsibility with hard work and dedication in the national spirit. We will gradually mobilize the youth across the country.

Corona Relief Tigers includes 2,500 doctors from registered volunteers, who will be assigned health care responsibilities at various locations in harmony with the provinces and the Department of Health.

Students, social workers, teachers, engineers, and doctors have joined the Tiger Force, while journalists, lawyers, medical workers, and people associated with NGOs have also registered.

These volunteer forces will be involved in relief activities in collaboration with the National and Provincial Disaster Management Departments up to the Union Council, Tehsil and District level. These volunteers will identify deserving individuals and inform the administration about those involved in the hoarding, which will be acted upon by the police.

PM Tiger Force Duties:

More than 20,000 youths from Sialkot have joined the Tiger Force. Initially, youths in Sialkot have been assigned responsibilities. The youths have been deployed outside mosques and utility stores, and the volunteer force will have the support of the district administration and local police.

In Punjab, 700,000 youths have been registered with the Tiger Force while 64,000 youths of the Tiger Force have been assigned various responsibilities. The youth of Tiger Force are volunteers of Prime Minister Imran Khan to serve the people, they are our assets. young men of the Tiger Force are dedicated to the spirit of service, and the young people involved are increasingly participating in public service activities.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has tasked the Special Cove 19 Relief Tiger Force, formed to deal with the coronavirus crisis in the country, to join the tree planting campaign due to locusts and climate change.

It has been decided to use digital technology for Tiger Force. Tiger Force will be able to be monitored at district, tehsil, union council and ward level, and implementation of Smart Lockdown will also be facilitated through the application.