PITB Dastak Facilitator Online Registration as a Dastak representative

There is good news for the unemployed youth of Punjab who want to get a job. CM Punjab Maryam Nawaz Sharif has launched the Maryam Ki Dastak App to facilitate citizens by providing various government services at their doorstep. A golden opportunity for employment for the youth of Punjab! Download the Dastak Facilitator App and register yourself now.

PITB Dastak Facilitator Online Registration as a Dastak representative

All the services will be available to the people sitting at home instead of going around the government offices. Lakhs of youth will get employment. Dastak program will not only provide services at home but will also end corruption and exploitation.

PITB Dastak Facilitator Online Registration as a Dastak representative

Punjab has entered the revolutionary era of digitalization, it will bring more positive and very useful changes. Information technology and artificial intelligence are bringing a lot of ease to people’s lives.

PITB Dastak Facilitator Online Registration

 Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif gave special instructions For the registration of Dastak representatives. Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz said that the scope of Maryam’s Dastak program will be gradually extended to all districts.


Millions of youth representatives will serve as facilitators in Maryam’s Dastak program. By providing Dastak services, youth will be able to earn thousands of rupees daily in a dignified manner. Original identity card for eligibility of Dastak representatives, minimum age of 18 years, Minimum education is intermediate and mobile phone with internet is essential.

citizens of Lahore may apply for registration via the Dastak Facilitator Mobile Application.

Age Limit: 18 years of age.

Education: Intermediate OR At least F.A./F.Sc./A Levels.

Police Character Certificate.

Holding a bank account in their name.

Motorbike & Valid Driving License.

Mobile Phone or Tablet with Internet Connectivity / Data.

Dastak representative will ensure delivery of documents from the application form to the citizen’s doorstep.


For the qualification of Dastak representatives, it is necessary to have a clearance certificate, personal motorcycle, and license from the concerned police station. Training will also be given to the Dastak representatives who come on merit.

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