Wednesday , November 30 2022

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Fares August 2022

On the occasion of Pakistan’s 75th Independence Day, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) made a great offer to passengers. PIA has announced discounts every year as a gift to their passengers on various happy occasions including Eid and Independence Day.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Fares August 2022

The national airline announced a 14 percent discount on domestic travel fares on Independence Day yesterday, August 14. The spokesperson of PIA says that this discount is a gift from PIA to the compatriots in the celebration of Independence, so that they can celebrate the Independence Day with their loved ones wherever they want to celebrate in the country.

PIA Fares

PIA has increased the one-way fare with 20 kg of luggage to only Rs 7,400 while the two-way fare to only Rs 13,500. The one-way fare was only Rs 8,400 while the two-way fare was only Rs 15,000. The one-way fare from Karachi to Jeddah, Madinah, or Dammam has been increased to Rs. 127,000 while the fare from Lahore, Islamabad, or Peshawar to Jeddah and Madinah has been increased to Rs. 133,000. The one-way fare has been increased to Rs 131,000 as against Rs 84,000 from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia.

National International Airlines (PIA) has slashed domestic fares. The national airline has introduced a new package between Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. The one-way fare has been reduced to Rs. 7,400, the two-way fare from Lahore to Karachi has been reduced to Rs. 13,500. The one-way fare with 35 kg of goods has been reduced to Rs. Attractive fares will allow people to travel and have fun before the schools reopen, a PIA spokesman said, adding that domestic fares will come into effect immediately.

The national airline, like other cities, has announced discounted tickets for passengers in the northern regions for the convenience of the public during the winter holidays. Attractive discounts on fares will allow people to travel and have fun before the schools reopen. A PIA spokesman said domestic fares would take effect immediately.

Due to limited domestic operations, PIA will not be able to provide any service beyond your arrival airport in Pakistan. Passengers traveling out of their arrival airport to their final destination city are requested to plan their journey and make their arrangements accordingly.

A 15% reduction in flights from Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad to Toronto will provide affordable travel to passengers.

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Before arriving in Pakistan all international travelers are required to fill in the Passenger Health Declaration form to hand it over to the Health Department Staff at the airport.

Till 12 Rabi-ul-Awal, passengers of Jeddah and Madinah will be given a 12% discount in fares, and passengers of Hijaz-e-Muqaddas will also be able to carry 12 kg of extra luggage.

PIA has introduced special fares for northern areas. The minimum fare from Islamabad to Skardu and from Islamabad to Gilgit has been fixed at Rs 6,915.