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PHEC Post-Doc Scholarships 2022-23

The Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) invites applications from faculty of public sector colleges/universities chartered by the Govt of Punjab for the award of International Post-Doctoral Scholarships for 8-10 months in QS Top Ranking 200 universities of 2020 (general ranking) and/or top 50 (subject-wise ranking). Preference will be given to emerging fields of science, technology, and innovation that are applied, relevant to the industry, and have an impact on society.

PHEC International Post-Doctoral Scholarships Program 2022

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Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Hold a Ph.D. Degree from an HEC recognized university.
  2. Have a maximum of 45 years of age on the closing date.
  3. Be a regular (BPS or TTS) faculty member of a public sector university/college.
  4. Submit a clearly written research proposal, relevant to the academic field, industry/society, and needs of the country.
  5. Have placement in a university listed in the top 200 QS world university general ranking of 2020 and/or top 50 in QS subject-wise ranking.

Grant Provision

PHEC will provide bench fees, settlement allowance, stipend, and return airfare under this scholarship, as per PHEC rules.

How to apply?

  1. Application complete in all respects must reach Punjab Higher Education Commission, Lahore on or before 31st January. 2019 at 5.00 pm registered post only.
  2. Application form and related details are available at the PHEC website:

Note: PHEC International Post-doc applicants of 2018-19 need to apply afresh, provided that they meet the eligibility criteria for this scholarship.


Terms & Conditions

Following are the terms & conditions of the award of Post-Doctoral Scholarship and the acceptance of the award is an acknowledgment of these obligations:

A scholar will not change the course of the research study as specified in the letter of award. A scholar will not hold any other grant during this scholarship period. Acceptance letter must be from a university listed in the top 200 QS world university general rankings of 2020 and/or top 50 in QS subject-wise ranking. A change of university/institute during the study will not be admissible. A scholar would obtain leave and NOC from the parent institution to join the foreign institution for Post-Doctoral study on a full-time basis.
The scholarship will be awarded for the specified period as proposed on the acceptance letter (minimum for 8 months but not beyond 10 months). A scholar can stay outside the country of study/research for a maximum period of 4 weeks (28 days) for research purposes or due to any other emergency subject to prior approval from PHEC. The stipend will be deducted for a period beyond the allowed limit.
The scholar shall be required to proceed abroad within six months after issuance of the final award letter failing which his/her award will be canceled. It is the responsibility of the scholar to obtain a visa and complete necessary documentation with PHEC within time. A scholar is required to execute a bond with the university/institution of her/his employment to serve her/his parent department for 2 years subsequent to the completion of this Scholarship.
A scholar shall sign an agreement with the Punjab Higher Education Commission on non-judicial (stamp) paper to the effect that in case the scholar fails to complete her/his research study, she/he will refund to the PHEC the total amount spent on her/his scholarship by the PHEC. In addition, a personal guarantee of a person of means on non-judicial (stamp) paper to the effect of ensuring the recovery in case of default would need to be furnished.
Every document i.e. Deed of Agreement and other documents must be properly notarized, i.e. the document must be registered by the Notary Public maintained by him as Notary register and the signatures of the executants must be obtained on the register and the number of the registration must be mentioned along with the Notary Public stamp. Agreement / Undertaking or guarantee format will be provided to the candidate upon selection.
The post-doctoral scholarship application will be processed on the basis of information/data provided by the applicants and in case of any error/omission and misrepresentation, PHEC reserves the right to reject the applicant at any stage.
The scholar shall be required to submit a six-month progress report to PHEC in a prescribed format and a final completion report based on the pre-defined outcomes as identified on the research proposal at the start of the program.

Financial Provision

The Scholarship will cover university bench fees, return air-fare, stipend, and settlement allowance as per actual or up to the ceiling mentioned below, whichever is less.
Contact Details


Punjab Higher Education Commission, Lahore
10* Floor. Arfa Software Technology Park, 346-B, Ferozepur Road. Lahore
Ph: 042-99231903