Thursday , June 24 2021

Petrol Price on 15th June 2021

ISLAMABAD: Petrol has been increased by Rs 2.13 per liter, after which its new price has gone up to Rs 110.69 per liter. The price of light diesel has been increased by Rs 2.3 to Rs 79.68.

Petrol Price on 15th June 2021

High-speed diesel went up by Rs 1.79 per liter to Rs 112.55 per liter, while kerosene went up by Rs 1.89 per liter to Rs 81.89 per liter.

Petrol Price in Pakistan

Petrol Price on 15th June 2021

پٹرولیم مصنوعات کی قیمتوں میں کمی کا اطلاق سولہ جون سے ہو گا
پٹرولیم مصنوعات نئی قیمت  گزشتہ ماہ قیمت
پٹرول کی قیمت Rs 110.69 Rs 108.56
ڈیزل کی قیمت Rs.79.68 Rs.110.76
مٹی کے تیل کی ن قیمت Rs 81.89 Rs 65.29

He said that the prices of petroleum products would be further reduced which would also reduce the cost of travel and energy. The federal budget will be presented in the first week of June, he said. The next budget will be the Corona budget.

Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority has decided to decrease the prices of petroleum products after crude oil prices increased in the international market.

Petrol prices on 17-05-2021:

It has been decided to maintain the price of petrol at Rs 103.40 per liter

Prices of high-speed diesel and high octane on 17/05/2021:

High-speed diesel has been reduced by Rs 2.40 paise.

Prices of Petrol and kerosene oil on 17.05.2021:

It has been decided to maintain the price of kerosene at Rs 65.29 per liter and diesel at Rs 62.86 per liter.۔The Finance Ministry only approved a reduction in the price of high-speed diesel.

The United Arab Emirates has announced new petrol prices for June 2021. Petrol has become more expensive as compared to May. According to UAE media, the price of Super 98 a liter was 2.30 dirhams in May and 2.38 dirhams in June. The price of special 95 has been increased. 2.18 dirhams which will now be available at 2.27 dirhams. 9 fils have been added to it. The price of A Plus 91 will be available at 2.19 dirhams with the addition of 8 fils instead of 2.11 dirhams. The new rates will come into effect from June 1, 2021. The biggest increase has been in diesel prices. Prices include 5% value-added tax.