Saturday , November 26 2022

PESSI Online Registration For R-5 (E-Card) in Pakistan

PESSI Online Registration For R-5 (E-Card) in Pakistan

Lahore: CM Pujb Sardar Usman Uzdar has given special instruction to Start the Registration of Social Security R-5 Registration card in Punjab.

The completed forms will be sent to the Local Office without delay, and the worker will distribute the Secured Person’s Registration Card (Form R-5) to the new employee as soon as it is received from the Local Office.

PESSI R-5 Online Registration for E Card

Application for registration has been accepted worker shall arrange that each of his employees who is liable to become a secured person, and who has not already been registered as such shall complete Secured Person’s Registration Form (Form R-2 attached as Appendix IV) and shall send the form so completed to the local office of the Institution at which his establishment has been registered within fifteen days of the acceptance of his application for registration, together with a summary of (Form R-3 attaches as Appendix V).

On receipt of the relevant Secured Person’s Registration Card (Form R-5 attached as Appendix VI), from the Local Office of the Institution, the employer shall distribute them to each of the employee named thereon, ensuring that the signature or thumbprint of the secured person is clearly impressed on the
appropriate space on page 1 to the Card.