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Pepsi Cola 50 Car 50 Winners

Pepsi Cola introduce new Scheme in this Summer season and you can win a car.There are total 50 Car and 50 Winners.

Pepsi Cola 50 Car 50 Winners 2022

Pepsi Cola introduce new Scheme in this Summer season and you can win a car.There are total 50 Car and 50 Winners. You can buy a bottle of Pepsi cola and search code that is given in the crown.

List of winners of Honda civic car 

Pepsi Honda Civic car winner names, Shahbaz Malik Gujjranwala ,Athar Aziz from Lahore Pepsi car 24-4-2022, Pepsi lucky draw 2022.pepsi lucky draw today winner Pakistan.

pepsi 50 car winners

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Eighteen Winner of Pepsi Honda Car is announced in Daily Express Newspapers on 05th May 2015.pepsi winners of car

Terms and Conditions for 50 Cars 50 Winners Campaign 2015

Pepsi Cola International (Private) Limited (“PCI”) has launched a nationwide Customers’ Reward Campaign “50 Cars 50 Winners”2015 (the “Campaign”) for the delight and benefit of its loyal customers. Under the Campaign, every customer who purchases a 250ml SSRB of Pepsi Cola, Mountain Dew, Mirinda and 7Up shall win a free download of ringtone/song from a designated website.

Following terms and conditions shall apply to the Campaign:

The Campaign applies to consumers of the following PCI products (“Pepsi Products’): 250ml SSRB (single serve glass bottle),
of Pepsi cola, Mountain Dew, Mirinda and 7up.

Acceptance of Terms of Use

(a)  These terms are for the benefit of the Customers and all customers warrant that they have read and fully understood these
Terms and Conditions which are on public view at

The Campaign is valid from 1st April to 20th May, 2015 (the “Campaign Period”). Any entries received after the promo ends will not be entertained. However, PCI reserves the right to extend, discontinue or to change the terms and conditions of this
Campaign at any time for any reason whatsoever.

The promo is applicable nationwide.

Employees of Pepsi Cola International (“PCI”), its bottlers, partners and their respective subsidiaries and suppliers including
their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity are not eligible to join this Campaign.

Minors under the age of 18 years shall not be eligible to join this Campaign.

This Campaign may be extended at the sole discretion of Pepsi. In such case, full announcement will be made on media with
new cut-off time.

Participation is optional.

PCI customer can buy 250ml SSRB for Pepsi Cola, Mountain Dew, 7up, Mirinda and Slice; get a free download of ringtone/
song from

Also, look under the crown:

(a)  If you find crown with the message “claim free Pepsi”, you can instantly redeem a Pepsi glass bottle from the retailers.

(b)  If you find the crown containing “car + code and dial 0800-00345” then share the special alpha numeric code on the crown for verification. If the code is correct as per the PCI record, your entry will be accepted, otherwise, it will be rejected.
Company reserves the sole discretion for the validity and authenticity of this specially generated code and counterfeit or
bogus claims shall be rejected on spot.

(c)  Share some basic contact / verification information after which PCI will contact you within 48 hours.

(d)  PCI will be investing in 50 cars for the benefit of its customers which will be handed over as per communicated timeline and after due verification of process as per 9(b).

Independent third party auditors shall ensure transparency and check on the process.

All awards will be distributed subject to verification (original crown/closure and other information including original CNIC)
and of the claimant.

Maintaining the cap is responsibility of the consumer and must not be handed over to anyone else.

Cap should be handed over at the time of receiving the Grand award i.e. Honda Civic

Only one entry per code shall be permissible. Reuse of a code for multiple entries shall be invalid.

Winners would be required to sign on undertaking. Only if the winner (s) agree (s) to the terms and conditions and signs an undertaking, he/she would be deemed winner of the grand prize.

All decisions made by PCI relating to this Campaign will be deemed final.

This is not a lottery or drawing of lots.

Promotion also applicable on Term 6 Condition apply

Winners of cars will contact on this number