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PEC 8th Class Guess Paper 2023

Students of 8th class(Eight Class)Grade 8 can get online the latest guess papers 2022. The Punjab Examinations Commission will be issued the PEC 8th Class Model Papers 2022for the whole students of five class is free to download grade viii model paper 2022of English and Urdu Medium including these subjects are Urdu, English, Mathematics (Maths), Science, Pak Study, and Islamiat online check on the official website at

8th class paper pattern 2023:

All the students can get the model paper 8th class 2022 on this page for the preparation of this year’s annual examination of the eighth class. The PEC has conducted the exams each year in the same months is starting from January and February in all the province of Punjab BISE boards like Sargodha, Dera Ghazi Khan, Bahawalpur, Sahiwal, Lahore, Multan, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Federal, and Rawalpindi, and finally, the results announced at the end of March. Millions of candidates can appear every year in the annual examination and our Government is provided the latest updates of 2023 five class pattern papers available here.

PEC 8th class guess paper 2023

Eighth-grade board exams are going to end in Punjab. Guess paper grade 8 2021. annual model paper grade 8 2022. punjab text board ges paper class 8.

PEC 8th class guess paper 2019

The official Govt. is announced the PEC 5th Class Model Paper 2023 and the Punjab Examination Commission is the main authority who is managing the whole elementary schools and issuing the roll number slips, new admissions, fee structure, results from model papers, and PEC 8th Class Date Sheet 2022the entire responsibilities of PEC have controlled the 36th Districts of the Punjab province including these districts in which the names of Sargodha, Sheikhupura, Sialkot, Attock, Toba Tek Singh, Vehari, Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan, Mianwali, Multan, Okara, Sahiwal, Bahawalnagar, Muzaffargarh, Jhang, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Hafizabad, Jhelum, Kasur, Lodhran, Khanewal, Khushab, Lahore, Layyah, Mandi Bahauddin, Narowal, Nankana Shahib, Bhakkar, Chakwal, Chinyot, Dera Ghazi Khan, Faisalabad and Rajanpur where the jurisdiction of this educational department.8th class English guess paper 2022.

8th class guess paper 2023

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Guess paper of 8th class 2023 MCQs Punjab board

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8th Class Islamiat Guess Paper 2023

Download Guess Paper for 8th in 2023

Chapter No 1: 1.4,5,9,10

Chapter No 2: 2.3,4,5

Chapter No 3: 3.3,5,6,8

Chapter No 4: 4.5,6,7,12

Chapter No 5: 5.2,3,11

Chapter No 6: 6.4,6,9

Chapter No 7: 7.2,5,6

Chapter No 8: 8.3

Chapter No 9: 9.2,3,4,6

Chapter No 10: 10.2,3,6,9

Chapter No 11: 11.2,5

Chapter No 12: 12.3,6

Describe the structure and function of the Forebrain, Hindbrain, and Neuron, Name the parts labeled in the Diagram

Neuron Cell, Brain, Excretory System, Internal Structure of Kidney, Nephron, Turbine

Mitosis and Meiosis


Green House Effect, Global Warming, Acid Rain

Suggest Way how to reduce pollution

3R Strategies

Table Question

Make Balance Chemical Equations, Name of products, and test for the Gas produced for reactants
Table Question

Type Cell :(Skin Cells ) ( Sperm)

(Number of Daughter Cells produced in from one parent cell)

(Number of Chromosomes in one daughter cell)

Table Question:

Mention the source of Acids like :

Citric Acid, Tartaric Acid, Acetic Acid, etc

Table Question

Formulas and Name

Table Question

Name of Salt, (Acid ) & (Base)

Expansion of Solid, Liquid and Gas Etc
Uses of Sulfuric Acid
Uses of Salts

Applications of Pascal Law
Pressure and Hydraulic System
Table Question
(Physical Quantity) (Symbol)

Length (l)Time (t)

Uses of Measuring Cylinder

Difference between Convex and Concave Lens

Short-Sighted and Long Sighted

Real and Virtual Image

The function of the Solar Panel

Input and Output Devices

Types of Telescope

Structure of reflecting Telescope.

8th Class Mathematics Guess Paper 2023

8th class gas paper in Punjab 2022.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2
Chapter 3

3.1  ,3.2
Chapter 4

Chapter 6

6.1  ,6.2,6.9, 6.10,6.11
Chapter 8


Chapter 9

9.1  ,9.2,93
Chapter 10

10.1, 10.2

8th Class English Guess Paper 2023

My Hero, My Favorite Game, My Best Teacher, My School, My Country, My Computer, A visit to Hi Station, Traveling by train.

Thirsty Crow, Grapes are sour, A friend in need is a friend indeed, As you so, so shall you reap, Greedy dog, Union is Strength, Honesty is the best policy.

Write a letter to your mother telling me about hostel life, Uncle thanking for a gift, Father to money, Younger brother to improve English, Friend to telling new house, father about your exam success, telling about a new house, telling about the new house.

To allow the class to use library books, fee concession, leaving certification, new classroom, repair boards, cleanliness about classroom and school, elder brother marriage.

Two friends talking about a magic show, two friends talking about exhibition party, Tailor and Customer, Teacher and Student about exam preparation, about road accidents, terrorism.

8th Class HISTORY

Choose the correct option:

  1. The voyages of discovery were made to find goods from
  2. Britain Spain                       c. Italy             d. India
  3. After 1453 AD, the land trade routes between Asia and Europe were cut by the
  4. Byzantine Empire Ottoman Empire c. Roman Empire        d. Mughal Empire
  5. The explorers in the 15th century preferred sea routes because
  6. They were cheaper they were safer        c. they were nearer      d. All
  7. The ___________ marked the shift from the Middle Ages to modernity in European history.
  8. Reformation Renaissance c. Industrial Revolution          d. Conquest of Constantinople
  9. The ideas of ________ represented the Reformation movement.
  10. Martin Luther Christopher Columbus                    c. Napoleon Bonaparte           d. Leonardo da Vinci
  11. The Thirty Years’ war finished with the
  12. Second treaty of Paris Treaty of Westphalia           c. Reformation Movement      d. French Revolution
  13. During the Scientific Revolution, the European scholars questioned the ideas of the
  14. Ancient Egyptians Ottoman Empire c. Ancient Greeks       d. Roman Empire
  15. Education and Literacy increased as an effect of the Industrial Revolution to
  16. Train the required workforce stop urbanization     c. help non-European countries           d. avoid the long working hours
  17. The Ottaman Caliphate started in the year
  18. 1299 AD 1453 AD     c. 1517 AD     d. 1566 AD
  19. The founder of the Ottoman Empire was
  20. Ertughrul Bey Osman Ghazi          c. Selim I         d. Suleyman the Magnificent
  21. During the Age of Discovery, the first European power to arrive in India
  22. The French The Portuguese       c. The British   d. The Dutch
  23. The World War II was fought between
  24. 1938 and 1944 1939 and 1944        c. 1939 and 1945        d. 1940 and 1945
  25. The immediate cause of the World War II was the German invasion of
  26. Czechoslovakia Austria        c. Korea           d. Poland
  27. The worst effect of the collapse of the League of Nations was
  28. The Treaty of Versailles strengthening of Germany              c. the World War II    d. reduction of weapons
  29. The League of Nations collapsed because of
  30. Its failure in preventing wars no authority to impose rules            c. less representation of world rules            d. all
  31. The World War I started in
  32. 1912 1913            c. 1914            d. 1915
  33. The League of Nations was based on the fourteen points for peace presented by
  34. President Wilson President Roosevelt                        c. President Truman    d. President Coolidge
  35. In the World War I, the Ottoman Empire sided with
  36. Russia France         c. Great Britain           d. Germany
  37. The Ottoman Caliphate continued for _________ years.
  38. 307 407              c. 507              d. 607
  39. During the Ottoman Empire, provinces were supervised by
  40. Governors viziers          c. beylerbeyis              d. sancakbeyis
  41. The Ottoman Caliphate was dissolved in
  42. 1919 AD 1924 AD     c. 1927 AD     d. 1931 AD
  43. The first capital of the Ottoman Empire was
  44. Bursa Istanbul       c. Sogut           d. Edirne
  45. Constantinople was conquered by
  46. Orhan Ghazi Sultan Selim I         c. Sultan Muhammad Fatih     d. Suleyman the Magnificent
  47. The maximum expansion of the Ottoman Empire was during the reign of
  48. Sultan Selim I Sultan Selim II        c. Sultan Muhammad Fatih     d. Suleyman the Magnificent
  49. Which one of the following is NOT among the categories of the social structure
  50. People of the Sword People of the Negotiation               c. People of the Pen    d. People of the Palace
  51. The economic and social stability in the conquered provinces of the Ottoman Empire is termed as
  52. Pax Ottomana Pax Eurasiana          c. Pax Economina       d. Pax Islamicana
  53. Eastern Canada and the United Stated remained colonies of
  54. The Netherlands Spain           c. Portugal       d. England
  55. The Muslims of Caucasus and the Central Asia came under occupation of the
  56. French Russians      c. Dutch          d. British
  57. The word “colony” is borrowed from the Latin word “colonia” which means place for
  58. Residence agriculture               c. development            d. mining
  59. Syed Ahmed Shaheed started the Mujahideen Movement against the
  60. Hindus Sikhs           c. British          d. Dutch
  61. Heavy taxes, unjust tariffs, restrictions on trade, forced labour, enslavement of the local people are a few examples of ___________ impact colonialism.
  62. Political educational              c. social           d. economic
  63. Shah Waliullah translated the Holy Quran in
  64. Urdu Persian         c. Turkish        d. Pashto
  65. The Faraizi Movement was started by
  66. Haji Shariatullah Jamal ud Din Afghani                     c. Mufti Abduh           d. Badiuzzaman Said Nursi
  67. He became the Grand Mufti and the member of the Supreme Council in Cairo, Egypt
  68. Haji Shariatullah Jamal ud Din Afghani                     c. Mufti Abduh           d. Badiuzzaman Said Nursi
  69. Shah Waliullah was born during the reign of King
  70. Aurangzeb Akbar          c. Hamayun                 d. Shah Jahan
  71. He believed that Islam and modern science were like the two wings of a bird to take the Muslims to the sky of high achievement
  72. Jamal ud Din Afghani Imam Bonjol           c. Badiuzzaman Said Nursi     d. Shah Wali Ullah
  73. During the Age of Enlightenment, the scholars were inspired from
  74. The French Revolution The Monarchy                     c. The Reformation     d. The Renaissance
  75. The immediate cause of the French Revolution was
  76. Increased taxes on the peasants bad harvest in France          c. No taxation on the clergy    d. No taxation on the nobility
  77. One of the official languages of the United Nations is
  78. Arabic Urdu            c. Turkish        d. Persian
  79. The United States joined the World War II because of
  80. The invasion of Poland The attack on Pearl Harbor             c. The attack on Hiroshima           d. The beach on landing in Normandy
  81. General Muhammad Zia ul Haq ruled Pakistan from
  82. 1973 to 1977 1977 to 1988           c. 1985 to 1988           d. 1988 to 1999
  83. Which two Prime Ministers of Pakistan remained in office for more than one term
  84. Muhammad Khan Junejo and Shoukat Aziz       Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and Yousuf Raza Gillani       c. Benazir Bhutto and Muhammad Nawaz Sharif      d. Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali and Benazir Bhutto
  85. Which of the following leader opted the slogan “Pakistan first?
  86. Muhammad Khan Junejo Muhammad Nawaz Sharif              c. Benazir Bhutto              d. General Pervez Musharaf
  87. Which one of the following elections were held on non-party basis
  88. 1985 1990            c. 1993            d. 2007
  89. Which organization consists of Islamic countries only?
  90. SAARC SCO                        c. OIC             d. UN
  91. Pakistan Armed Forces protect territories on the highest battleground of
  92. Chawinda Siachen        c. Baturo         d. Wagha
  93. According to 1973 Constitution, the Head of the State is the
  94. Prime Minister Chairman Senate     c. President     d. Governor
  95. In order to become a law on federal level, a bill has to be passed from the
  96. National Assembly Provincial Assembly           c. National Assembly and the Provincial Assembly  d. National Assembly and the Senate
  97. All executive and judicial authorities of the country are bound to act in aid of the
  98. Supreme Court Civil Court              c. Criminal Courts       d. Special Courts
  99. The British Government tried to solve the problems of India with
  100. Military Actions Financial Aid          c. Constitutional Reforms       d. Referendum
  101. The effects of the War of Independence included
  102. No government for Muslims             Replacement of Persian by English c. Confiscation of agricultural lands of the Muslims              d. a, b and c
  103. The War of Independence was fought in
  104. 1837 1847            c. 1857            d. 1867
  105. For the first time, education became one of the duties of the East India Company through
  106. Lord Macaulay’s Minute Wood’s Dispatch                c. Queen Victoria Proclamation      d. Charter Act
  107. In 1906, All India Muslim League was formed in
  108. Karachi Dhaka          c. Lahore         d. Delhi
  109. He declared English as the key to success and declared Arabic, Persian and Sanskrit as inferior
  110. Lord Mountbatten Lord Macaulay        c. Charles Wood         d. Lord Curzon
  111. It was NOT one of the social reforms introduced by the British after 1857
  112. Making slavery illegal             Introduction of the Widow Remarriage Act          c. Promotion of Female Education         d. Promotion of Local Languages
  113. Sir Syed established the Mohammeden Anglo Oriental School, in 1875 which later became the
  114. Darul Uloom Deoband Aligarh University              c. Nudwa tul Ulama                d. Usmania University
  115. In order to meet the high expenditure on salary of the British army officers and officials
  116. Heavy taxes were imposed money was brought from Britain    c. exports were increased manifold    d. imports were banned completely
  117. The British thought that the main cause of the War of Independence 1857 were the
  118. Muslims Sikhs           c. Hindus         d. Christians
  119. As per the Queen Victoria Proclamation, the government affairs in India were to be run by the
  120. King Viceroy       c. Queen          d. Secretary
  121. The Muslims celebrated the “Day of Deliverance” when
  122. The June 3 Plan was announced             The Indian Independence Act was passed             c. The Muslim League won the 1945-46 Elections d. The Congress Ministries resigned
  123. In the 1946 Provincial Assemblies elections, the Muslim League won ___________ of the Total Muslim Seats.
  124. 91% 93%             c. 95%             d. 97%
  125. The partition plan announced by the British Prime Minister Atlee is also known as
  126. The Indian Independence The Cripps Mission             c. The June 3 Plan       d. The Radcliffe Award
  127. Demand of the Muslims to elect their own representatives through separate electorate was accepted in
  128. The Indian Councils Act 1861 The Indian Councils Act 1892        c. The Morley-Minto Reforms 1909       d. The Government of India Act 1935
  129. What allowed selected Indians by the British to sit in Legislative Council?
  130. The Indian Councils Act 1861 The Indian Councils Act 1892        c. The Morley-Minto Reforms 1909       d. The Reforms Act 1919
  131. The Lahore Resolution was passed on
  132. March 21, 1940 March 22, 1940       c. March 23, 1940       d. March 24, 1940
  133. After creation of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam took oath as
  134. The President of Pakistan The Prime Minister of Pakistan                   c. The Governor General of Pakistan                  d. The Chief Justice of Pakistan
  135. The Lahore Resolution was moved by
  136. Choudhary Khaliquzzaman A.K. Fazal ul Haq                                                   c. Maulana Zafar Ali Khan      d. Sir Abdullah Haroon


  1. The results of the 1945-46 Elections proved that
  2. The Congress was the representative party of all the Indian people
  3. The Muslims agreed with the demand of the Muslim League
  4. The British ruled the country in the best possible manner
  5. It was impossible to announce the independence of the country

8th Class Urdu Guess Paper 2023

Essays/ paragraph:

Computer, Tv, Khelon ky Faidy, Ghar mohally ski ki Safai. Aalodgi sy kesy bachin, Match ka Hall, Mely ka Hall.
Story: Honesty is the best policy, the union is strength, Friend in need is a friend indeed, Foolish Stag, Grapes r sour, Greedy dog.


Dost ko apny village Bulao Shuttian guzarny k lie, Mubarkbaad kamyabi p birthday p, Sehat ka haal batao, Baji ko apni Taleemi Sargamin likho, Darkhst Ski main Safai k liye, Nalka kharab h, class room main new cooler ki


Dukandaar aur Gahik ky darmiyan .ustad aur Bachy ki Darmiyan, Conductor aur Musafir ky Darmiyan