Panasonic Lucky Draw List 2015


Panasonic Lucky Draw List of Winners 

Panasonic company has declared Lucky Draw List of Promotional Campaign. Lucky Draw Winners of Buy Panasonic. Be a Winner.

Name of Winner Warranty Card No. City Prize
t. Mr. Zutfiqar PMMAF-P-0514-055704 Lahore Return Ticket Australia
2. Mrs. Tauqeer PMMAF-P-0514-055663 Lahore Washing Machne
3. Miss Kanwal PMMAF-P-0514-055594 Lahore Washing Machine
4 Ms. Ambreen Alta PMMAF-P-0514-054406 Abbot tabad Meat Grinder
5. Mr Rohan Bin Suleiman PMMAF-P-0514-22S84 Karachi Washing Machine
6 Mr Kashif PMMAF-P-0514-055790 Chicha Watm Juicer / Blender
7. Mr Mushtaq PMMAF-P-0514-055783 Lahore Juicer! Blender
8 Mr/ahid PMMAF-P-0514-055756 Lahore Microwave Oven 651
9 Mr Noorultah PMMAF-P-0514-055586 Lahore Microwave Oven 681
10 Mr Waheed PMMAF-P-0514-055750 Multan Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton
11. Miss Asia PMMAF-P-0S14*055596 Lahore Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton
12 Ms Fatima Batool PMMAF-P0514-055516 Lahore LED TV 32″
13. Miss Kaneez PMMAF-P-0514-055787 Lahore LED TV 32″
14 Mrs Nabeet PMMAF-P-0514-055601 Faisalabad Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton
IS. Mr All Shamiro PMMAF-P-0514-036639 Faisalabad LED TV 32″
16. Mr. Umer Oasim PMMAF-P-0514-014774 Lahore Microwave Oven 681
17. Mrs Ftaz PMMAF-P-0514-055706 Lahore Meat Grinder
18 MissAneefca PMMAF-P-0514-055590 Lahore LEO TV 32-
19. Mis* Tanzeeia PMMAF-P-0514-055788 Lahore Juicer / Blender
20. Ms Sadia PMMAF-P-0514-036639 Multan Washing Machete

Panasonic Lucky Draw 2015 declared


Above mentioned Lucky Draw Winners and other Pine Winner* have already been informed Procedure For delivery of prize will be communicated through phone.


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