Saturday , December 14 2019
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Pakistani Model Ayyan Ali released on Bail from Jail

Pakistani Model Ayyan Ali released on Bail from JailPakistani Model Ayyan Ali released on Bail From Jail 

Lahore High Court has given ordered to released supermodel Ayyan Ali on bail in the currency smuggling case. She will spend Eid-ul-Fitr with her Family.

Justice Abdul Sami Khan of LHC had denied bail after hearing arguments from both legal counsels. Ayyan Ali’s lawyer Lateef Khosa argued that his client did not qualify as a passenger as she had not been issued a boarding card nor had her passport been stamped as is required when leaving the country.

Ayyan’s lawyer argued that the fashion model intended to hand over the cash to her brother who was arriving from another flight, therefore none of her actions fall under the crime of ‘smuggling’.

The Pakistani supermodel Ayyan Ali has been granted bail after spending three months in jail on charges she tried to smuggle $500,000 (£321,000|) in her luggage on a flight to Dubai.

Ayyan is known simply as Ayyan. Her brand is based on one word that translates as ‘god’s gift’, the revered nature of which she takes very seriously. Born in Dubai, Ayyan was a conscientious student and was devoted to her passion: science, when she was spotted at the age of 15 by a corporate company who recognised her potential as a model.

A contemporary role model for many aspiring young women, Ayyan’s fresh features and charming personality have led her to win and be nominated for countless awards. Photogenic, with the flexibility to adapt to catwalk and television; she is a fashion icon for women from all over the world. Yet these incredible successes are still just the beginning of her journey to becoming one of the most loved and respected supermodels in history.

Ayyan Said that Allah Blessed me with Bail. Thanks to all of my Fans for Praying.