Pakistani Film Star Meera denies partition news

Pakistani Actress Meera got Married with Captain Naveed
Pakistani Film Star Meera denies partition news from her husband Captain Naveed

NEW YORK: Pakistani Film Star Meera has deprived of news of partition from her husband Captain Naveed.Meera believed that Naveed supported all her activities and that she was visiting the US to raise funds for her project of hospital.
Meera further said that she would stay in the US for 30 days and would also visit Los Angeles to record a commercial.
Meera’s father-in-law, Raja Pervez told that his son had returned to the US without informing his wife.Mr Pervez said that he had given a provocation to Naveed to either leave Meera or the family.

He further said that Naveed had not received Meera at the New York airport regardless of her persistence.Raja Pervez said that his wife did not concur to Meera to come into the house.