Tuesday , September 28 2021

Pakistani 18 year Asad Khan married with Nimra Pictures

KARACHI: The bride of Asad, 18, who got fame on social media after marrying a fiancé, says that people do negative things but I got what I wanted. Pakistani 18-year-old boy asad married with Nimra in Pakistan and dance videos of the couple went viral. Assad’s critics respond to Assad’s bride, as people continue to say. Groom Asad Khan is the brother of a famous tik toker and cosmetologist Zarpash Khan. Assad told me that his meeting with Nimra when he had come to Pakistan last year for a sister’s wedding where I had seen Nimra.In the meantime, I expressed my desire to marry them. In fact, I was not in a hurry to get married, but when I talked to my parents, they were ready for my happiness.

Pakistani 18 year Asad married with Nimra Pictures

Aad’s sister shared some photos of William on Instagram, but after the photo went viral, he was criticized on social media and seeing negative reactions, he tells everyone that people like me anywhere and wanted to get me a marriage.

He said that we are the only ones in our family who got married at the age of 18, but in the meantime, enough people told me that I was hurrying on the issue of marriage so that it would not be my decision later. But at that time I thought I was going to prove people’s thinking wrong.