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Pakistan Super League (PSL)season 4 schedule 2019

Pakistan Super League (PSL)season 4 schedule 2019

Lahore:  PSL4 inaugural ceremony was prepared for the promotion of provincial and Desi music. The fourth edition of the Pakistan Super League debut in Florida’s opening ceremony on February 14, the world-renowned populist pop star pitch will fly the sound of Bill, and the Boni M Group’s Marcia Barat will also fall apart. The famous Sufi Rock Band “Madonna” will increase the stages of the stage, Fadad Khan will sing for the song, along with this, “Young Desi” will also be performing.

The first phase matches in Dubai are completed by February 17, the second step will continue from February 26 to March 1, 2019.

Pakistan Super League (PSL) management has announced schedule of PSL 4 in UAE & Pakistan. PSL 4 will be played from February 14th 2019 to March 17,2019. HBL PSL 2019 ( PSL 4), would be played in the UAE but it is expected that the last eight matches would be played in Pakistan out of the total 34 matches.Ali Tareed, the son of PTI leader Jehangir Tare bought the Pakistan Super League.

After the inaugural ceremony, the first match of the event will be played against the championship Islamabad United and Lahore Qalandar. The opening ceremony and the first match tickets will be offered for sale soon.

On the other hand, PSL4’s official Song, “Game Dewanavan’s” was released last night, in the first three editions, the official Sonu Ali Zafar, who had been singing for the first time in the first three episodes, said “the show of the game now” I woke up the magic of the art, in the 2017 edition, Ali Zafar’s voice will be released in the sound of “Stage will be set, will play the game now.”

Last year, in his third edition, his song came again and again, let’s meet, we will sing this game again and stage the stage again. ” Have tested different

Shoaib Haider’s music, made in the official Song, “Dhanwan Ki Kaan”, is the magic of the famous actor and singer Fadad Khan, the video director Shoaib Akhtar

After the inaugural ceremony, the first match of the event will be played against the championship Islamabad United and Lahore Qalandar. The opening ceremony and the first match tickets will be offered for sale soon.

After the contract ended with the contract with Multan Sultanz, the PCB released a new tender, under which the Bids was opened in National Cricket Academy and the leader of Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Jehangir Tareen, the highest price, took the highest price of their rights. Have been successful.The Multan Consortium led by Ali Tareen has won the franchise rights for the sixth team, by exceeding the reserve price.Ali Taree told the media that he wants PUL Junior to be done in Pakistan, which plays supplementary player, it is not a business deal but also loves cricket, I do not object to any name, but Ali But we will see legal matters, all of our businesses are in Pakistan, I want all PSL matches to be in Pakistan.

PCB announced that at least eight matches of next edition of Pakistan Super League will be held in Pakistan.Karachi will be hosting the final on March 17th.PSL 2019 will start on 14 February 2019 in the UAE and will move to Pakistan for the last eight matches of the tournament, with the final taking place in Karachi on 17 March. You can download free schedule 2019

PSL Schedule 2019

psl 2019 teams:

The six teams will play 10 matches each and will get 2 points for every win, none for a loss and 1 point for a no result. The top four team in the group stage will qualify for the play-offs.

Islamabad United,  Karachi Kings,  Lahore Qalandars, Multan Sultans, Peshawar Zalmi, and Quetta Gladiators


PSL 4 schedule 2019:

Pakistan PSL

PSL 2019 Schedule

PSL points table 2019

PSL Schedule 2019 announced.

Pakistan Super League (PSL) Schedule 2019

Pakistan Super League (PSL) Schedule 2019

Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2019

Match Timings:

  • Opening Ceremony: 7:00 pm UAE time / 8:00 pm PST
  • Opening match: 9:00 pm UAE time / 10:00 pm PST
  • Day Matches in UAE: 3:30 pm UAE time / 4:30 pm PST
  • Night matches in UAE: 8:00 pm UAE time / 9:00 pm PST

PSL Matches 2019

PSL 2019 Schedule of Matches

PSL4 Dubai online sale of tickets 

The online sale of tickets for PSL4 in Dubai is started. Price range of different cartridges are kept from 20 to 290 dirham.Tickets for online PSL4 have been started online, the prices of different category tickets have been kept from 20 to 290 dirham, opening ceremony will be held on Dubai International Cricket Stadium February 14, in the first match The teams of defense champions Islamabad United and Lahore Qalandar will compete.

The ticket for Single and Double matches of General Stand will be available at 20, Weekend on weekend and 40 days, the prices of single or double match tickets, apart from the normal days of the other stand and weekend, have also been made, The most expensive ticket will be available on the Platinum category of 290

the purchase of online tickets for group matches of PSL for group matches

In the first phase of the online sale, the first round of online sales was presented for the first round of tickets for Lahore and Kolkata, on March 7, Karachi’s National Stadium on October 7 in the first and second quarter of the online sale and the general and the first class for the trekking of Kolkata and Zalmai All tickets worth Rs 500 and one thousand were sold out to the owners, including Iqbal Qasim, Mohammad Brothers, Waseem Barari and Majid Khan and Waqar Hussain. Including Introducers, however, there are two tickets of Premier Kolkata Tickets waiting for buyers. Including Imran Khan, Waseem Akram and Zaheer Abbas Inkjets.

VIP tickets worth Rs.200 in Fazl Mahmood Inkjozer and Hanif Mohammad Anzuzar’s Rs 3,000 can not get buyers’ attention.

On March 9, all the tickets of General and First class category were set up for the Lahore Gaddafi and Aslamabad united on March 9 at Lahore Gaddafi Stadium on March 10, but Kolkata and Kolkata Gladiator were sold all the tickets for March 9, but Rs 2, 3,000 for March 9 Tickets are on the way of buyers, tickets sold for Rs 2,000 for 10 March but tickets for 2500 and 3,000 are available online for sale.


Guests take full interest in the match of Lahore Kalandraur Multan Sultanz on Karachi’s National Stadium on March 10, receiving all the tickets of 500, one and two rupees, Vaidai and VIP tickets of Rs 3,000 are available. It is clear that online tickets for the playoff and finals will be available from February 20, tickets will be available to people from 25 February on the Express Centers, specified under the fixed courier service institution, 20% tickets are available online for sale. Their home delivery will start from February 22, this rate has been kept up to Rs.5, 2,000, 4 thousand and 8 thousand respectively