Pakistan stock exchange today rate

In the stock market, the psychological level of 65000 points of the index has also fallen during trading. Karachi stock exchange live, Due to recession, 78% share prices fell, while one trillion 32 billion 46 crore 30 lakh 55 thousand 313 rupees of investors were lost.

Pakistan stock exchange today rate

At one point in the trading period, there was an increase of 104 points, but during this period, the market suffered from selling pressure in the shares of gas, cement, investment, banks, refinery sector, which led to a decline of 1091 points at one point, but the closing moments In the fall, the magnitude of the downturn eased slightly due to increased share buying activity at lower prices.

Pakistan Stock Exchange Today

Pakistan stock market live chart

Pakistan stock market live chart, the KSE 100 index closed at 64,801.70 points, down 953.60 points. The KSE 30 index lost 264.16 points to 21747.77 points, the KMI 30 index lost 1873.04 points to 109626.64 points and the KMI All Share Index lost 536.29 points to 31029.09 points.

Pakistan stock exchange today live

The business volume was 41.37 percent less than Monday and a total of 32 crore 17 lakh 9 thousand 242 shares were traded, while the scope of business activities was limited to the shares of 328 companies, in which 57 increased in price, 254 decreased in price and 17 decreased in price. Prices remained stable.

Pakistan stock exchange today graph

Pakistan stock exchange today graph , Among the companies whose share prices increased significantly, the price of Shah Murad Sugar Mills increased by Rs. 17.28 to Rs. 390.28 and the price of Pakistan Services Limited increased by Rs. 12.25 to Rs. 844 while the price of Nestle Pakistan decreased by Rs. 97.77 to Rs. 7480 and Favorable Engineering. Works Limited fell by Rs 31.71 to Rs 401.15.

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