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Pakistan Railways (PR) Eid-ul-Fitr special Trains Schedule 2023

Pakistan Railways has announced to run five special trains on the auspicious occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr. These trains will run at different places across the country so that passengers do not face any problem in going to their native areas to celebrate Eid.

Eid special train 2023

According to the ongoing train schedule, the first special train will depart from Karachi to Peshawar Cantt on April 18, while the second train will depart from Quetta to Rawalpindi on the same day. The third special train will arrive from Karachi to Lahore on April 19. The fourth train will arrive at Rawalpindi on April 26. will leave for Quetta. The fifth and last special train will run from Lahore to Karachi on April 27, which will facilitate passengers to travel from Lahore to Karachi with ease and comfort.

Pakistan Railways (PR) Eid-ul-Fitr special Trains Schedule 2022

Pakistan Railways (PR) Eid-ul-Fitr special Trains Schedule 2023

Pakistan Railways has announced 30% discount on tickets for 3 days of Eid passengers. Rawalpindi to Karachi Sir Syed Express has announced a 40% reduction in fares for the day of Eid. According to the Rawit Hilal Research Council, the meeting of the committee will be held on the evening of April 20, however, the Eid moon is unlikely to be visible that evening, so Eid-ul-Fitr will be celebrated on Saturday, April 22 after completing 30 fasts.

Ticket booking will be online. Online booking will also be closed 24 hours before train departure. Only booked passengers will be able to enter the station, the rest will be out of the station.

According to railway sources, sources said that the railways have decided to start a train operation on Eid-ul-Fitr to facilitate the passengers. Passengers will bring their own soap and gloves, otherwise, they will not be able to travel by train.

Pakistan Railways (PR) Special Trains Operation Schedule 2023

In the private sector, fares of Thal Express from Rawalpindi to Multan are being reduced by 30%. The reduction has been applied as usual, including the days of Eid-ul-Fitr.

Pakistan Railway Online E-ticketing Booking Service

Fifteen trains are running between Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Sukkur, Quetta, Peshawar, and Karachi with short stops. People can also make online advance bookings in them three months ago.

Five more trains Shalimar Express, Karachi Express, Sir Syed Express, Rehman Baba Express, and Hazara Express are likely to be included in the existing train operation.

The collector did not touch the mobile. Before traveling on the train, there will be tests of COVID-19. At the station or inside the train, if the corona test of any passenger is positive, he will be immediately transferred to the quarantine coach.

PR Eid ul Fitr Special Train fares & Time Table

Similarly, the management of Sir Syed Express between Rawalpindi and Karachi has announced for Eid that the ticket for May 2 will be reduced by 40% and this discount will be for one day only.

Pakistan Railways is in service five extraordinary trains on Eid ul Fitr to make easy passengers. Pakistan Railways has warned the passengers traveling on the train to read the railway instructions before traveling on the train.

5 عید سپیشل ٹرینیں
اگلے روز رات11 بجے پشاور کینٹ سہ پہر 2 بجکر 30 اپریل 29 کراچی سٹی پہلی عید سپیشل ٹرین
اگلے روز سہ پہر 3 بجے راولپنڈی صبح 10 بجے کوئٹہ سے دوسری سپیشل ٹرین
اگلے روز سہ پہر 3 بجکر 30 منٹ لاہور رات 7 بجکر 45 منٹ 30 اپریل کو کراچی کینٹ سے تیسری سپیشل ٹرین
اگلے روز سہ پہر 2 بجکر 15 منٹ کوئٹہ صبح 9 بجے 7 مئی کو راولپنڈی سے چوتھی عید سپیشل ٹرین
اگلے روز صبح 7 بجکر 15 منٹ کراچی کینٹ دن 11 بجے مئی کو لاہور سے  8 پانچویں عید سپیشل ٹرین
ریلوے انتظامیہ نے عید الفطر کے پرمسرت موقع پر عوام کی سہولت کے پیش نظر صوبائی دارلحکومت سمیت مختلف شہروں سے 5 عید سپیشل ٹرینیں چلانے کا فیصلہ کیاہے
نمازیوں کی سہولت کے لیے ہر عید سپیشل ٹرین کے ساتھ اکانومی کوچ کے اندر ہی نماز ادا کرنے کی جگہ مختص ہوگی


A 50 percent reduction in fares has been accessible in all trains and classes on advance reservations for the first day of Eid. Tickets for the special trains are obtained through online reservation facility and reservation offices.

1 Sir Syed Express
(35 Up/36 Dn)
Karachi Cantt – Rawalpindi via Hyderabad, Rohrl, Multan,
Shorkot, Faisalabad, Hafizabad, Wazirabad, Lalamusa
Sections 8 vice versa
2 Hazara Express
{11 Up/12Dn)
Karachi City Havelian via Rohri-Multan Cantt -Jhang-
Sargodha – Lalamusa -Rawalpindi Sections & vice versa
3 Shalimar Express
(27 Up. 28 Dn)
Karachi Cantt -Lahore via Rohi, Multan Cantt, Shorkot,
Faisalabad Sections & vice versa
4 Mianwali Express
(147 Up/148 Dn)
Lahore – Mari Indus via Shahdara Bagh, Chak Jhumra
Bypass, Shahinabad, Sargodha, Mianwali Sections & vice
5 Narowal Passenger
(211 Up/212 Dn)
Lahore – Narowal via Shahdara Bagh, Narang Mandi
Sections & vice versa
6 Mehran Express
(151 Up/152 Dn)
Karachi City- Mirpur Khas via: Hyderabad Section
& vice versa
7 Mohenjo Daro
Express{213 Up/214 Dn)
1.   Karachi City -Multan Cantt via: Kotri, Dadu, Habib Kot
Junction, Jacobabad, DG Khan Sections & vice versa2.   Kotri • Multan Cantt via Dadu, Habib Kot Junction,
Jacobabad, DG Khan Sections & vice versa3.   Kotri -Sukkur via Dadu, Habib Kot Junction,
Sections & vice versa
8 Badar Express
{111 Up/112 Dn)
Lahore – Multan via Faisalabad Sections & vice versa

Pakistan Railway SOPs to travel in Rail

  1. All passengers will be checked at the Railway station and their temperature will also be checked before traveling.
  2. The railway administration will not provide masks and gloves to passengers during the journey.
  3. The train will have 60% of passengers and 40%seats will be left vacant. Passengers will come wearing masks.


Phone: 117
Address: Railway Headquarters Lahore, Pakistan

Citizens who are more than sixty-five years of age would have to show their original computerized identity cards (CNICs) for getting the free tickets. Thirty Eid Special trains being launched by Pakistan Railways.