Thursday , September 21 2023

Pakistan Railway UBL Omni Ticket Reservation

Pakistan Railways(PR) launched an online ticketing system in Pakistan. Pakistan Railways Online Ticket Reservation System not only the system has noticeably improved but also the Ticketing System has been introduced for all trains.

The railway administration has released the working hours schedule of all reservation offices during Ramadan. According to the new schedule, the morning shift will be from 8 am to 01:00 pm and the evening shift will be from 1 pm to 6 pm. On Friday, there will be a break for prayers from 12:30 pm to 02:00 pm in the reservation offices where single shift work is being done.

No change has been made in time. These working hours will apply until the 19th of Ramadan. From the 20th of Ramadan, all reservation offices will operate according to normal working hours.

Pakistan Railway Ticket Reservation

The online ticketing system has been designed with an easy-to-use interface so users can easily reserve their seats. The passengers can access the online booking portal through their mobiles or computer, select the desired seat and class, make an online payment and that’s all! After the seat is reserved the passenger will get a notification of his/her ticket code, seat number, coach number, class (economy or saloon), date of departure, and payment confirmation.

Pakistan Railway UBL Omni Ticket Reservation

Users can choose to make online payments through a number of ways which include: Credit Card, Debit Card, Mobile Banking, and UBL Omni.

Pakistan Railways E-ticketing Procedure

Pakistan Railways has announced 30% discount on tickets for 3 days of Eid passengers. Rawalpindi to Karachi Sir Syed Express has announced a 40% reduction in fares for the day of Eid.

How to book a railway ticket online in Pakistan:
Go to Pakistan Railways website and create your account through ‘Register Now’, on the top extreme right of the website.

Step 1: If you don’t have an account then move to  and create a free account. Provide the following details
To book your seat the passenger must verify his cell phone number and email address.
The cell phone numbers will be verified through the code received on your phone. Email address will be verified through your email account.

Step 2: A verification code by Pak Railway sends to you to verify your online account with Pak Railway.
Click on ‘Go for e-ticket’ to reserve your seat.

Step 3: Move to
Then select your desired station and date after that click on ‘Search Seats’.
Choose your desired train and class.
After selecting your seat click on ‘Book Selected Seats’.
Then read carefully the given ‘Note’ and provide the required information then click on Continue’.

Step 4: Select from station and to station (E-Ticketing facility is currently available from Lahore to Rawalpindi section & Green Line Train.)

Step 5: Set departure date and click Book Now

Step 6: Now you will be provided with seats and train and information.

Step 8: After selecting a seat click on Book Selected Seats in the upper right corner
Step 9: Now provide the details.

Step 10: Now choose the payment mode from the available three and confirm the checkout.
Choose one way of the following options for payment and click on ‘Confirm’.
Credit/ Debit Card
UBL Omni Shop
UBL Omni Mobile Account
In case of selecting a credit or debit card confirm your seat after providing your card number.
In case of selecting UBL Omni Shop, provide your order number and make payment to confirm your seat.
In case of selecting UBL Omni Mobile Account, give your order number after ‘login’ and make payment.

Step 11: Here is the Order ID for payment at the Omni shop.

Step 12: After making payment, your online reservation will be confirmed.