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POSTAL LIFE INSURANCE offers a way to give the best financial and Life planning advice possible, so one can make the best financial choices based on their Life Goals. The idea is to let them “ How to invest in your present to have a Safe Future”. PLI’s Three Payment Savings Plan is especially designed to accumulate funds on a regular basis while enjoying life insurance protection. The fund accumulated through the plan may be used for Education and Marriage of your children, purchase of a House, expanding Business, income after Retirement or any other purpose you desire. PLI gives you all protection, all profits and the Highest bonuses at the most competitive rates.

Pakistan postal life insurance scheme

Postal Life Insurance is the oldest organization of its kind in the Subcontinent. Established by the British Raj in 1884, initially to assure the lives of postal mail runners, its services were gradually extended to other government employees as well. Nonetheless, its benefits were not available to general public until 1947. After independence Postal Life emerged as a key player in life insurance business and offered its services to every one.

Postal Life Insurance is the brain child of Ministry of Finance. Pak Post serves as its agent. However Director General Pakistan Post is exclusively responsible for managing, organizing and controlling its operations and marketing its various products. Postal Life is exempted from corporate and income tax. All the money generated is invested in Post Office Insurance Fund controlled by the Ministry of Finance. Pak Post gets a return at the prevailing government investment return rates. This policy ensures security of fund, attractive return and increased public confidence.

Postal Life has an unbeatable presence in the rural areas due to extensive network of post offices. Every post office serves as its outlet. This gives Postal Life an enormous advantage over its business rivals and helps to offer a wide range of insurance policies to customers at the lowest premium while ensuring highest bonus on their investment.

For purchasing a policy any local Assistant Director Postal Life Insurance could be contacted in Pakistan. Officers of the Assistant Directors PLI are mostly located in General Post Offices. For query, clarification or settlement of claims, Assistant Directors PLI are the focal points. Deputy Director General Agency Functions deals with the subject at Pakistan Post Headquarters G-8/4 Islamabad. Phone  92-51-9261571.

postal life insurance pakistan bonus rates

For those who are working abroad can purchas PLI Policy during their visit to Pakistan. For details, refer to Postal Life Insurance Website

Postal Life Insurance Offers 10 profitable options:

Whole life policy

Joint life endowment policy

Education and marriage endowment assurance

Accidental death and permanent disability benefit contract

Annuity policies

Endowment policy

Anticipated endowment (three payment) plan

Child protection policy

Non medical policy

Group insurance

Special Features:

Lowest premium rates

All policies including paid up participate in profits

Premium payable on monthly basis and only up to the month of claim

Payment of premium in cash at any post office in Pakistan

No maximum limit for ordinary policies

Revival of lapsed policies on easy terms

Loan on policies

Highest rate of bonus

Open to all

Rebate on advance payment of premia

Payment of premia through salary bill deduction

Non-lapsing of policies of two years duration

Liberal surrender value of PLI policies

Payment guaranteed by Government of Pakistan