Pakistan National Latest Mili Naghmay 2015

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Pakistan National Latest Mili Naghmay & Songs 2015

Popular Pakistani milenaghmai ,miletarana square measure most current and loosely listened by Pakistani adolescent era. By listening these milenaghamas a rare vision and strength developes within the adolescent era of pakiastan.mili naghma mp3 Top 10 Pakistan Independent Day 14th August MP3 Mili Naghmay.

All these melodies square measure of High Definition and commonplace Mp3 position. you’ll doubtless transfer all these tunes and might utilize of these national melodies as a region of your cell telephones what is more on Personal Computers.

Mera Paigham West Pakistan (Nusrat Fateh Ali)

Tera West Pakistan He

Chand Mere Zameen

Ham Zinda Qaum Hain

Is Parcham Ke Saaey Taly



Tere Bina Dil metal

Aey Mard E Mohammedan Jaag

Aey Quaid E Azam Biu-Mandara Ehsan

Aey Rah E Haq Kay Shahido

Hamara Parchuam

Murmur Zinda Qaum Hai

Khayal Rakhna

Maun Ki Dua Puri

Yeh Watan Tumhara Hai

Chand Meri Zameen

Humara Parcham Yeh

Jeevay West Pakistan

Watan Ki Matti Gawah