Friday , November 22 2019

Pakistan Defence Day 6 September Sms

Pakistan Defence Day Wallpapers

Pakistan Defence Day 6 September Sms

Pakistan Defense Day 6th September is celebrated on every year in Pakistan. the defense and martyrdom of Pakistan is being celebrated throughout the country. It is celebrated on the memory of martyred people who gave sacrifices of their life for the defense of the country. Pak – India War II was fought in 1965.On September 6, 1965, India attacked Pakistan, which Pakistan responded to the enemy’s teeth, in the memory of the same day today, the Defense Day is being celebrated today in Pakistan..This was ended on 6th September and both countries stopped damaging each other by using weapons etc. on 6th September, Defense Day of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. This war affected financially both countries but none of them could really dominate. As Pakistan remained saved, Defense Day is celebrated on 6th September.

Send Pakistan defence day 6 September sms to your friends and celebrate youm-e-Difa with pride and remembering the victory of Army , air force and navy war against India

Latest Sms collection of Pakistan Defense Day 6th September
(1)Itna Hum Ko hia Yakeen

ankh utha Ker dekh Lay

itna kisi Main Dum nahi



(2) I don’t want my teen age queen Just give me my rifle M-16

If I die in a battle zone

Box me up & send me home

Put my rifle on my chest

Tell my mom I did my best

Say my nation not to cry

I’m the soldier born to die…!

Pakistan Zindabad – Salute to Pakistan Army


Ay Rah-E-Haq K Shaheedo
Wafa Ki Tsvero
Tmhain Watan Ki Hawain
Salam Kehti Hn.

Happy Defense Day 6 September to all Pakistanis