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Pakistan becomes 1st-time Kabbadi Champion in 2020

Pakistan Kabbadi Team wins 5th Kabbadi World Cup 2020 which is played in Lahore on Sunday 16th February 2020. First, half Indian was leading 24-18 Score in Pakistan vs India kabaddi WC final 2020 and Pakistan Perform outstanding in the Second half with the victory of final match kabbadi cup in Pakistan 2020.

finialkabaddi world cup 2020

Pakistan becomes 1st-time Kabbadi Champion in 2020. Pakistan defeated India in the Final Kabbadi match on 16.02.2020.

Captain Muhammad Irfan aka Manna Jutt and star raider Shafiq Chishti were the star performers for the champions. world cup.ksbbadi 2020. the total price is given to kabaddi world cup winner in the final 2020 is 01 core. kabaddi world cup yesterday


Pakistan become 1st Time Kabbadi Champion in 2020

Pakistan defeated traditional rival India in the kabaddi world cup 2020 and became the world champion of Kabaddi.

The Kabaddi World Cup final was played at the Punjab Stadium in Lahore. The players of both countries tried hard to win the final, however, the Pakistani wrestlers were overwhelming and they made the Indian wrestlers look good.

One minute before the end of the game, Pakistan scored more points on which Pakistan scored 43 and India 39.

With Pakistan getting points in kabaddi world cup 2020, the Indian wrestlers started crying and with just one minute left, the Indian officials came on the field and told their players to leave the field.

The Indian team objected at one point and kept the tradition of messing up the game, repeating the history of the World Cup 2014 and Asia Cup 2016, but the Indian objections did not work.

By the end of the game, Pakistan’s score was 43 and India’s 41. A large number of spectators flocked to the stadium to watch this World War of Kabaddi, which gave players a heartfelt laugh and enjoyed it at every point. Captains Irfan Mana, Shafiq Chishti, Waqas Butt, Malik Bin Yameen, Sajjad Gujar, Qamar Butt presented the brilliant game from Pakistan. Pakistan won the world title by two points against the Indian team.

The winning team was given a prize of Rs 1 crore with the trophy while the runner-up team received a prize of Rs 75 lakh.Irfan Mana, captain of the team, said that the win was not the victory of the Kabaddi players, but of Pakistan as a whole. kabaddi world cup 2020 final world cup.
The match between Iran and Australia was played for the third and fourth positions, with the Iranian Kabaddi team winning third place in the Kabaddi World Cup. Iran defeated Australia’s Kabaddi team by 21 points in kabaddi 2020 and won the game by giving excellent play. The match score between the two teams was 54-33.

In the third position, the Iranian players cheered the whole ground with their flags and the spectators cheered the Iranian team.