PAF College Sargodha Written Test Result 2024

The College Prospectus, which can be obtained from all PAF Information & Selection Centres and also from PAF College, Sargodha, contains an admission form. The details regarding submission of admission forms are advertised in the leading English and Urdu daily newspapers. Roll number slips are sent to the eligible candidates within a reasonable period after the last date of receipt of applications.

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) College Sargodha Written Test Result 2024

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) College Sargodha has announced the result of the Written Test. PAF COLLEGE SARGODHA ROLL NOs OF SUCCESSFUL CANDIDATES IN WRITTEN TEST (2024) HELD ON 7TH OCTOBER 2024.

PAF College Sargodha Written Test Result 2023

PAF College Sargodha has declared Written Tests Result

GILGIT CENTRE: DG001, DG006, DG008, DG017, DG019, DG033 MUZAFFARABAD CENTRE: DM001, DM003, DM006, DM009, DM011, DM012, DM019, DM025, DM028 SKARDU CENTRE: DU002, DU006, DU007, DU008, DU011, DU019, DU021, DU023, DU027, DU032, DU033, DU046 GWADAR CENTRE: DW006 HYDERABAD CENTRE: H0001, H0004, H0005, H0013, H0021, H0024, H0028, H0050, H0053 KARACHI CENTRE: K0001, K0008, K0011, K0012, K0013, K0014, K0016, K0017, K0019, K0020, K0021, K0023, K0024, K0025, K0026, K0027, K0040, K0045, K0046, K0055, K0059, K0060, K0061, K0062, K0067, K0069, K0080, K0081, K0085, K0091, K0097, K0098, K0101, K0102, K0105, K0109, K0140, K0144, K0147, K0170, K0172, K0181, K0183, K0189, K0211, K0215, K0233, K0236, K0250, K0293, K0299, K0300, K0308, K0309, K0312, K0313, K0324, K0361, K0362 LAHORE CENTRE: L0015, L0026, L0027, L0038, L0039, L0044, L0047, L0052, L0071, L0082, L0090, L0097, L0099, L0103, L0113, L0120, L0124, L0135, L0136, L0180, L0181, L0186, L0199, L0202, L0205, L0223, L0255, L0269, L0270, L0277, L0286, L0288, L0306, L0309, L0310, L0320, L0328, L0351, L0354, L0356, L0361, L0372, L0378, L0387, L0392, L0393, L0408, L0414, L0417, L0427, L0480, L0496, L0504, L0508, L0509, L0541, L0545, L0560, L0565, L0566, L0569, L0589, L0595, L0607, L0620, L0628, L0661, L0668, L0672, L0677, L0688, L0703, L0720, L0723, L0733, L0745, L0751, L0765, L0772, L0779, L0780, L0781, L0783, L0784, L0785, L0787, L0800, L0814, L0833, L0840, L0841, L0847, L0851, L0862, L0865, L0884, L0885, L0889, L0895, L0911, L0935, L0941, L0957, L0972, L0976, L0983, L0986, L0993, L0994, L0995, L0998, L1001, L1003, L1005, L1021, L1032, L1040, L1048, L1053, L1054, L1065, L1110, L1111, L1120, L1148, L1150, L1215, L1216, L1225, L1238, L1240, L1243, L1245, L1255, L1256, L1257, L1269, L1271, L1274, L1278, L1279, L1282, L1301, L1302, L1332, L1353, L1357, L1359, L1362, L1364, L1365, L1366, L1369, L1379, L1410, L1412, L1414, L1422, L1427, L1430, L1432, L1433, L1434, L1436, L1470, L1472, L1488, L1499, L1500, L1508, L1509, L1513, L1515, L1523, L1526, L1530, L1536, L1556, L1558, L1575, L1589, L1620, L1624, L1629, L1630, L1631, L1632, L1640, L1646, L1647, L1648, L1651, L1655, L1669, L1681, L1701, L1715, L1717, L1719, L1726, L1730, L1736, L1766, L1805, L1806, L1811, L1882, L1903, L1922, L1923, L1961, L1962, L1965, L1972, L1979, L1980, L1986, L1990, L1994, L2072, L2173, L2206 MULTAN CENTRE: M0009, M0029, M0036, M0042, M0056, M0073, M0074, M0085, M0086, M0088, M0089, M0094, M0097, M0100, M0103, M0104, M0112, M0113, M0130, M0136, M0141, M0157, M0166, M0167, M0173, M0177, M0179, M0190, M0197, M0198, M0205, M0207, M0210, M0220, M0227, M0259, M0277, M0279, M0284, M0294, M0297, M0310, M0312, M0316, M0319, M0320, M0321, M0322, M0326, M0327, M0333, M0334, M0340, M0343, M0346, M0349, M0350, M0359, M0361, M0364, M0366, M0371, M0375, M0377, M0379, M0380, M0381, M0392, M0394, M0400, M0409, M0414, M0445, M0448, M0460, M0465, M0481, M0483, M0489, M0510, M0515, M0523, M0530, M0535, M0544, M0545, M0567, M0570, M0583, M0595, M0602, M0606, M0610, M0611, M0612, M0613, M0635, M0638, M0643, M0649, M0653, M0658, M0668, M0669, M0678, M0681, M0685, M0687, M0696, M0697, M0705, M0707, M0708, M0709, M0711, M0713, M0714, M0716, M0718, M0719, M0721, M0722, M0724, M0795, M0796, M0799, M0801, M0802, M0804, M0807, M0808, M0814, M0826, M0830, M0839, M0841, M0843, M0850, M0856, M0859, M0903, M0911, M0919, M0956, M0970, M1021, M1044, M1107, M1117, M1128, M1131, M1137, M1149, M1151, M1153, M1154, M1155, M1156, M1158, M1161, M1167, M1172, M1174, M1176, M1177, M1178, M1179, M1187, M1189, M1191, M1193, M1200, M1212, M1223, M1235, M1236, M1240, M1241, M1242, M1244, M1245, M1246, M1277, M1291 SUKKUR CENTRE: N0003, N0011, N0014, N0015, N0021, N0023, N0026, N0027, N0028, N0030, N0036, N0039, N0040, N0041, N0044, N0045, N0049, N0051, N0057, N0059, N0060, N0070 PESHAWAR CENTRE: P0001, P0012, P0022, P0032, P0035, P0040, P0052, P0056, P0088, P0098, P0115, P0130, P0154, P0158, P0160, P0161, P0163, P0165, P0177, P0185, P0199, P0207, P0217, P0221, P0222, P0223, P0224, P0225, P0240, P0249, P0252, P0263, P0280, P0287, P0288, P0289, P0292, P0293, P0304, P0307, P0308, P0327, P0339, P0356, P0391, P0410, P0413, P0418, P0422, P0425, P0435, P0438, P0448, P0449, P0450, P0452, P0453, P0454, P0463, P0468, P0471, P0478, P0481, P0486, P0487, P0489, P0493, P0496, P0511, P0513, P0515, P0516, P0518, P0520, P0526, P0551, P0556, P0566, P0572, P0574, P0588, P0592, P0594, P0596, P0599, P0600, P0603, P0606, P0614, P0616, P0617, P0631, P0633, P0636, P0640, P0648, P0688, P0691, P0692, P0695, P0704, P0710, P0713, P0721, P0748, P0749, P0785, P0824, P0825, P0833, P0864, P0872, P0889, P0916, P0927, P0944, P0946, P0952, P0953, P0967, P0978, P0993, P1005, P1040, P1053, P1077, P1102, P1148, P1164, P1201, P1208, P1213, QUETTA CENTRE: Q0001, Q0002, Q0003, Q0004, Q0005, Q0008, Q0009, Q0010, Q0012, Q0013, Q0014, Q0017, Q0018, Q0022, Q0023, Q0024, Q0026, Q0029, Q0030, Q0032, Q0033, Q0034, Q0037, Q0040, Q0041, Q0044, Q0046, Q0047, Q0051, Q0053, Q0054, Q0055, Q0057, Q0058, Q0059, Q0061, Q0064, Q0066, Q0067, Q0068, Q0072, Q0073, Q0075, Q0085, Q0087, Q0089, Q0093, Q0094, Q0099, Q0105, Q0109, Q0110, Q0112, Q0113, Q0115, Q0118, Q0119, Q0121, Q0122, Q0136, Q0140, Q0144, Q0146, Q0149, Q0152, Q0153, Q0157 RAWALPINDICENTRE: R0001, R0019, R0024, R0036, R0042, R0044, R0056, R0057, R0063, R0064, R0065, R0066, R0067, R0072, R0088, R0089, R0092, R0093, R0098, R0099, R0101, R0110, R0111, R0115, R0126, R0128, R0132, R0158, R0169, R0170, R0182, R0189, R0200, R0204, R0215, R0234, R0238, R0242, R0243, R0247, R0248, R0249, R0251, R0275, R0280, R0286, R0300, R0301, R0303, R0320, R0326, R0336, R0337, R0338, R0370, R0379, R0382, R0385, R0420, R0426, R0428, R0432, R0439, R0443, R0456, R0464, R0467, R0485, R0489, R0493, R0497, R0508, R0527, R0528, R0531, R0533, R0541, R0558, R0585, R0595, R0603, R0605, R0615, R0619, R0621, R0622, R0628, R0631, R0632, R0642, R0648, R0649, R0651, R0657, R0660, R0662, R0665, R0667, R0672, R0674, R0675, R0676, R0679, R0680, R0682, R0683, R0684, R0685, R0686, R0688, R0695, R0696, R0698, R0699, R0707, R0713, R0714, R0721, R0737, R0738, R0744, R0746, R0777, R0788, R0791, R0808, R0810, R0818, R0820, R0824, R0850, R0857, R0859, R0900, R0902, R0920, R0924, R0936, R0949, R0953, R0961, R0988, R1028, R1035, R1058, R1061, R1072, R1076, R1087, R1159, R1165, R1166, R1181, R1191, R1208, R1212, R1220, R1225, R1229, R1230, R1244, R1250, R1255, R1256, R1260, R1263, R1266, R1302, R1327, R1331, R1333, R1340, R1343, R1345, R1360, R1380, R1449, R1450, R1459, R1540, R1545, R1558, R1573, R1610, R1626, R1640, R1648, R1654 SARGODHA CENTRE: S0002, S0007, S0008, S0009, S0020, S0029, S0054, S0072, S0077, S0083, S0094, S0105, S0120, S0123, S0131, S0145, S0146, S0150, S0160, S0161, S0173, S0174, S0188, S0190, S0236, S0237, S0241, S0262, S0268, S0283, S0301, S0312, S0356, S0364, S0391, S0400, S0401, S0404, S0410, S0416, S0417, S0419, S0449, S0450, S0467, S0474, S0485, S0486, S0493, S0494, S0505, S0506, S0513, S0515, S0524, S0525, S0527, S0529, S0536, S0537, S0548, S0549, S0553, S0554, S0555, S0556, S0560, S0567, S0571, S0573, S0582, S0596, S0612, S0627, S0652, S0672, S0673, S0681, S0683, S0706, S0727, S0733, S0763, S0764, S0780, S0795, S0797, S0805, S0821, S0834, S0878, S0885, S0889, S0908, S0922, S0988, S1033, S1051, S1060, S1089, S1143, S1153, S1158, S1173, S1191, S1194, S1205, S1214, S1242, S1301, S1333, S1362, S1424, S1447, S1471, S1484, S1489, S1491, S1492, S1494, S1511, S1512, S1602, S1670, S1675, S1694, S1699 PRINCIPAL PAF COLLEGE SARGODHA TEL NOs: 048-3729702/3 Ext: 3331 048-3769755