Sunday , October 2 2022

Pakistan Air Force Advertising Agency

Pakistan Air Force invites bids for selection of an Advertising Agency. The selected agency will be responsible for publishing of advertisements in print and electronic media and printing / production for PAF, during Financial Year 2019-20. All interested firms/printers may submit Single stage, containing two separate sealed envelopes’, (i) To (ix) of Para (a) may be considered, as eligibility criteria:-
(a) Technical Bid:-
(i) Owners/Partners name, address, Tel. Mob No. Fax No and attested copy/copies of CNIC
(i) Company profile; whether proprietorship/ partnership / public or private limited company
(ii) GST / Income Tax Registration Certificate.
(iv) Financial Status/name of bankers and certificate of financial stability by the respective bank.
(v) Details of last 12 months Income tax returns and copy of assessment / payment of Income tax.
(vi) Details of registration with other major organizations.
(vii) Affidavit regarding correctness of documents and infomation, therein.
(viii) Any additional information, related to the subject. Litigation details, if any. (ix) Membership certificate.
(b) Financial Bid:- The following PAF Publicity items are required to be printed, during FY 2019-20:-