Friday , November 15 2019

One-on-one with the guy who built Facebook’s Home

One-on-one with the guy who built Facebook's Home

One-on-one with the guy who built Facebook’s Home

If Face book Home, the company’s family of applications that make the social network unavoidable on Android devices such as the HTC First, had an architect, it would be Director of Product and project lead Adam Mosseri.

CNET sat down with Mosseri on Thursday after the company lifted the curtain on Home. Mosseri proved a lively interview subject. He didn’t completely divert away from our first serious question as to why anyone would want this much Facebook in their phone, and he admitted that if you don’t want to see the feed all the time, then this isn’t the product for you.

He also spoke openly of how unfinished a product Home is; he seems to have a predilection for Jessica Alba; he really appreciates the subtleties of enhancing the experience through sound; and he isn’t apologizing about ads coming to Cover Feed. And based on Mosseri’s words, it sounds as if ads will be just as prevalent — or obnoxious, as some would say — as they already are on the desktop.