Saturday , February 4 2023

Pakistani comedian Omar Sharif died in Germany

 Pakistani comedian Omar Sharif died in Germany

Omar Sharif, the uncrowned king of comedy, died today in Germany while undergoing treatment for heart disease, kidney disease and diabetes. Everyone is saddened by the death of the actor.

Legendary comedian Omar Sharif died in Germany after a long illness. A few days ago, Omar Sharif left Karachi for the United States via Karachi by air ambulance for treatment. However, he fell ill on the way and was transferred to a German hospital. Omar Sharif had undergone dialysis in a German hospital.

 Pakistani comedian Omar Sharif died in Germany

Omar Sharif spread happiness on the faces of people all his life, abroad also Omar Sharif brightened the name of Pakistan with his talents, the news of the death of Omar Sharif is very sad and sad, the pride of Pakistan Omar Sharif is always in our hearts Will live.

Omar Sharif was to be transported by air ambulance to George Washington Hospital where his heart valve was to be treated with a brand new technique called ‘mitral valve clipping’, a technology that would treat valves without open heart surgery.

Leading actress Reema Khan’s husband Dr. Tariq Shehab had announced to treat her. In this regard, Tariq Shehab had completed all the arrangements for medical treatment in Washington and he was in constant touch with Pakistani doctors.

Leading Pakistani actor, comedian, director, producer and television personality whose real name is Muhammad Omar, he was born on April 19, 1955 in Liaquatabad. Omar Sharif is one of the famous comedians not only in Pakistan but also in the subcontinent.

The Sindh government is making arrangements for his burial in Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi Cemetery as per the wishes of the late Omar Sharif.