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NTS NAT Test Result 25th August 2013

NAT Test Online Result 2013

NTS NAT Test Result 25th August 2013

National Testing Service NTS is the strong body to conduct the admission test NAT (National Aptitude Test) Recruitment test for the Jobs in Pakistan, GAT General and Subject GRE and English A1 for the IELTS Test. NTS was conduct the NTS Test on 18th August 2013 and its result will be announced on 25 August 2013.We will provide you the complete NTS NAT Test Schedule, its eligibility criteria, applying process and Dates and Fees, and Result ETC.

National Aptitude Test (NAT) is for admissions in NTS associated universities / DAIs (degree awarding institutes). The candidates will appear in a single test only and will stand eligible for admission to all universities in the respective subject group.

The candidates will be required to apply for admission in the universities as per their respective announcements along with a copy of the NTS result card.

One page printed answer sheet is provided to answer the questions. Use only ball pen (black / blue) to shade / fill the circles. (Bring pen / clip board with you, erasing materials are not allowed.) Answer sheet contains five circles containing five options of answer for one question, containing alphabets from A to E inside, against each question number.

The candidate has to completely shade / fill one circle that he / she thinks is correct. For example the candidate feels that the correct answer of the given question is ‘A’, then he / she may shade / fill the circle containing alphabet ‘A’ with ball.

All candidates were conducted the NTS NAT Test for the University Admission in the Undergraduate programs SO they are waiting vigorously for their NTS NAT Test result 25 August 2013 because they want to get the admission in the university where they want but when they know that what is their NTS NAT Test Scores then they will send their Score cards with the Admission Application Forms.

Validity of NAT Study by: 

Dr. Douglas Trimble, Director of Assessment and Institutional Research Forman Christian College University. Comparing the NAT to the SAT (in the USA), we see that it fares very well at Forman Christian College:-

It correlates .36 with first year GPA (FYGPA), which is the same as the SAT (.35). Despite the lack of systematic predictive validity analysis of the NAT, it does appear to have good predictive validity. Because SAT and high school GPA correlate only .28, Korbin, Patterson, Shaw, Mattern, and Barbuti (2008) concluded that they appear to be measuring distinct aspects of academic promise and both can yield valuable information. The same appears to be the case with the NAT, which only correlates .27 with the composite BISE total; thus BISE and NAT are helpful.

NAT Test Online Result 2013