New Zealand’s Batsman Martin Gupta T20 top scorer

Martin Gupta became the top scorer of T-Twenty internationals

New Zealand’s aggressive Batsman Martin Gupta, despite the electric speed, could not win the match against Australia, but many of the records from the innings fell in his swing and he was the most successful batsmen in T-Twenty-Internationals. Become

He scored 105 runs with Australia scoring 49 balls against Australia, including 9 sixs and 6 batsmen, with the wicketful innings, Gupta left behind Homeland Benden McCullum (2140), Gupta The top ten Twenty20 scorer has become the world with 2188 runs.

Apart from this, Indian captain Virat Kohli is fifth with the third, brilliant Dilshan 1889 runs while Pakistan all-rounder Shoaib Malik is fifth with 1821 runs. Australia scored the highest target of T-Twenty20 cricket

Martin Gupta became the top scorer of T20

Australia scored 244 runs by New Zealand to create a new global record in T-T20 cricket.New Zealand scored the first set of 243 runs on 6 wickets due to the batting of Tufi and Collin Munro for the first time in the Eden Park, the oping pair provided 132 runs in 10.4 overs in 10.4 overs. What Martin Gupta scored 49 balls with a score of 54 balls with 54 balls and 6 squares, Colin Monroe scored 76 runs with 33 balls with 6 sixs and eight boundaries, Ken Richardson, Andrew Troy won 2,2 wickets.

In the pursuit of the target, Australian Openers David Warner and Darkie Short made 121 runs in just 8.3 overs, Warner made 59 balls for 24 balls, Palin returned, 5 six in his innings and 4 fours. Short, 76 runs with 44 balls with 8 squares and 3 batsmen, Aryon Finch played 3 balls on 14 balls and eight wickets for 36 runs while unbeaten 7 balls before the team won by 5 wickets. It’s fun Dariki is the shortest of the match.