Tuesday , March 21 2023

New Holland Al-Ghazi Tractor Price List March 2023

New Holland Al-Ghazi Tractor Price List March 2023

The escalation in cost of raw materials and other manufacturing inputs has led to the increase in the cost of production of tractors and resultantly the prices of AGTL tractor models are being revised as follows. 640 tractor price in Pakistan 2023. Ghazi tractor for sale in Pakistan. Fiat tractor 480 price in Pakistan 2023.

New Holland Al-Ghazi Tractor Price List February 2023

Sr. No Models HP Revised Prices (Rs.)
Ex-DG Khan
Price Effective Date
1 NH480S 55 1,898,000
2 NH 480 (Power Plus) 55 1,975,000
3 NH Ghazi 65 2,185,000 17th February 2023
4 NH 640 75 2,865.000
5 NH DABUNG-85 8S 2.957.000
6 NH 70-56 4WD 85 3.892.000



Terms & conditions for price effective from 17t Feb 2023

Financial instruments like pay orders/demand drafts/CDR, Banker Cheaues/Online payments/bank slips dated Dec 31 2022 or before covering 100% payment along with all mandatory booking documents will be considered at price effective from 30th Nov 2022. subject to be delivered at distribution department by day end Jan 10 2022. Fiat tractor price in Pakistan.

AGTL AL Ghazi Tractors Ltd. is a well established renowned tractor company in Pakistan. Al Ghazi Tractor Prices, specifications and review of all available models in Pakistan. AGTL is manufacturing tractors under the umbrella of New Holland technology. Engine power of there tractor is considered much efficient. In the world Pakistan is the country where Cheap and affordable tractors are produced. Customers from foreign countries prefer to purchase tractor from Pakistan. Here we have shared latest Al Ghazi Tractor Prices, Millat tractors ltd is the strong competitor of AGTL. Quotations issued to institutions against tenders and/or otherwise will be governed by the term conditions defined in the quotation.